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Our blog is the no-fluff, no-filter look behind the curtains of Australian digital marketing in 2022. The sitecentre® blog offers insight into everything from local SEO and PPC to social media marketing and website design. We go where no other marketing agency dares to show you the exact tested and proven strategies industry leaders use daily.

Click Fraud Prevention Google Ads

Click Fraud Prevention on Google Ads

Brodey Sheppard

Is fraudulent activity making you lose customers? We’ve got you covered with this informative guide on click fraud identification, protection, and prevention.

Long SEO Work?

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

Kristi Ray

Wondering how long SEO takes to work? Read our comprehensive guide on the topic and dispel all myths and doubts you might be harbouring about SEO timelines.

Performance-Based SEO Work?

Does Performance-Based SEO Work?

Kristi Ray

Wondering whether performance-based SEO works? sitecentre® breaks down the different between performance based SEO and traditional SEO Agencies like our own.

Important Unique Content Google?

How Important Is Unique Content For Google?

Danny Mahoney

Wondering whether unique content is important for Google and your rankings? Our comprehensive guide will highlight the need for unique content in SEO versus having duplicate content.

Designing Website Based Human Behaviour

Designing A Website Based On Human Behaviour

Brodey Sheppard

With the growing demand for UI and UX designing, enhancing your website for better human understanding is important. Read this guide to find out all you must know.

Google Ads Management Tools

Best Google Ads Management Tools

Kristi Ray

In search of Google Ads management tools for your ad campaign? We bring you a list of the 22 best tools ad management tools to streamline the process of running ads on Google.

HTML Sitemap . XML Sitemap SEO

HTML Sitemap vs. XML Sitemap for SEO

Brodey Sheppard

Not sure if you should use HTML sitemap or XML sitemap for SEO? We provide a brief comparison between both the sitemaps and the benefits.

STAG . SKAG Google Ad Campaigns

STAG vs. SKAG Google Ad Campaigns

Brodey Sheppard

Not sure which Google Ads setup is best for 2022? We break down STAG and SKAG campaigns and reveal our findings on which one is best. A data-driven break down of SKAG and STAG Campaigns.

Search Intent?

What Is Search Intent?

Danny Mahoney

Search Intent is a crucial concept in the digital marketing world. Our guide hopes to provide you with all the information that there is to know about keyword intent in research.

Website Builders 2022

Best Website Builders of 2022

Kristi Ray

In search of the best website builders to help you get started with your online business? We’ve got you covered with the top 13 site builders to consider when building your business website or eCommerce store.

SEO . Google Ads

SEO vs. Google Ads

Brodey Sheppard

Not sure which is the best strategy to promote your online business? Our informative guide on Google Ads vs SEO will give you the required insight. So which is right? SEO or Google Ads?

Google Prefers Brands

Why Google Prefers Brands

Kristi Ray

Wondering why Google prefers brands over non-branded domains in its results? Our comprehensive guide will explain the importance of branding in SEO.

Hosting Affect SEO?

Does Hosting Affect SEO?

Danny Mahoney

Does web hosting impact SEO? Our comprehensive research guide helps break down whether hosting affects rankings and results in search engines like Google or Bing.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Danny Mahoney

What makes a local SEO campaign successful? We’ve highlighted the crucial local SEO ranking factors to help increase your chances of being found online against your local competitors.

Website Redesign SEO: Losing SEO Rankings

Website Redesign SEO: Without Losing SEO Rankings

Brodey Sheppard

Looking to redesign your website but worried about a drop in SEO rankings? Here’s a detailed guide on website redesign SEO that answers the most critical questions.

Google Ads . Bing Ads

Google Ads vs. Bing Ads

Danny Mahoney

Wondering whether Google Ads or Bing Ads is more suited for your business? We have a detailed comparison to help you decide in our detailed definitive guide comparing Google Ads to Bing Ads.

Google --: Future SEO

Google E-A-T: The Future of SEO

Brodey Sheppard

Does your website quality match up to testing standards of Google E-A-T? Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness is the next generation of SEO.

Art Podcast Marketing

The Art of Podcast Marketing

Brodey Sheppard

Starting a PodCast in 2022 will become a fast growing trend in digital marketing. Get the facts, the cheat sheet information right here...

Ultimate Guide Marketing Psychology

Ultimate Guide to Marketing Psychology

Brodey Sheppard

We dive into the unreal world of Marketing Psychology and the impact your subconscious mind plays when it comes to creativity within the marketing world.

Truth “Local SEO Agency”

Truth about your “Local SEO Agency”

Brodey Sheppard

The truth is, you’re more than likely overpaying for your search engine optimisation without even realising. Here is how to fix it and stop paying for white labels.

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