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Looking for SEO Perth? We rank businesses faster, for longer using data-analysis. We use proven white hat search engine optimisation strategies to grow your business and website. Let sitecentre show you how the best Perth SEO agency continues to rank our partners in #1 position on page 1 of Google Search results.

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SEO company Perth

Local Search Engine Marketing.

Search engines help prospecting customers search for local businesses online. Perth SEO helps your business appear high in local searches increasing client leads, sales, and exposure.

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-analysis to proactively optimize your website. By using our custom monitoring solution, we deliver faster results and keep competitors at bay before they rank any better.

Our small business SEO agency in Perth helps businesses grow their online presence.

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Local SEO Done Differently, Done Right.

sitecentre know the best Perth SEO strategies are developed specifically to your business. That’s why we spend the time to analyse your data to develop an SEO plan designed to give you the very best value for money. Your business is like no other, which means your SEO Perth strategy should be completely custom-made.

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Data-Driven Actions

Our state-of-the-art innovative technology allows us to better analyse your data. That’s why we make better decisions.

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Personalised Reporting

Checking data and results has never been easier than with our customised reporting solutions that work for you.

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Regular communication is just the beginning. Your account manager is available at all times for your convenience.

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Life-Long Results

Our search engine optimisation strategies are white hat strategies. This means long-lasting rankings that don’t disappear.

10,000+First Position Rankings
150+Active Partners
800+Successful Projects
1.2mManaged Ad Spend

A More Detailed SEO Strategy

Using advanced machine learning and our own algorithms, sitecentre develop 100% custom-built SEO campaigns for your local business. With our software and technology on our side, sitecentre put more work into climbing the search results for your business.

Step 1

Detailed Planning

Planning allows us to better understand your objectives and goals. We can then understand your target keywords and grow you to the first page, position 1 of Google search quicker.

  • A Full Understanding of Your Business
  • Thorough Competitor Research
  • Fully Detailed Strategy
  • Keyword Targeting and Customer Behaviour Analysis
Step 2

Assignment & Implementation

From the very first day, your specialist Melbourne or Sunshine Coast account manager is ready to get started. We manage 400+ SEO optimisations in strategic order for maximum effect and for better results.

  • Allocation of specialist account manager
  • Fast implementation of bulk optimisations
  • Configuration of reporting
  • Improved website security
Step 3

Comprehensive Reporting

Personalised campaign reports based around your individual business marketing strategy. The information you want to see, delivered in an easy-to-understand structure at the end of every month.

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly progress discussion with account manager
  • Adjustments to the strategy where required
Step 4

Ongoing Optimisations

Every change or new competitor is reported to us immediately. This allows us to proactively counter the competing SEO company and their changes with our own data-driven optimisations.

  • Proactive, Not Reactive Optimisations
  • Keeping Ahead of the Competition
  • Boosting Your Conversion Rate
  • More Traffic, Better Conversions

Digital Marketing agency Perth.

If you’re looking for Perth digital marketing, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a one-stop-shop for search engine optimisations, website design, PPC ad management and much more. We’re the Perth SEO agency you need for better results.

More Than 400 Optimisations.

We have the most comprehensive and in-depth on-page optimisations in the industry. With over 400 website changes to check and improve, we are more detailed than any other agency.

Their service is unparalleled in an industry that’s saturated with money traps and inflated value pretending to drive your business.Chris Hale — Sunshine Coast Tour Company
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Get Found Online

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We generate brand presence on search engines with strategic, ethical, white label SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is the combination of On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO. The 3 core groups of activities are broken into niche-categories such as analysis, keyword research and Back Linking. To rank in the first position or page one in search engines, we put in place our proven strategies.

As a Perth SEO company, we’re dedicated to ethical marketing practices and following Google’s strict guidelines. This allows us to improve your rankings without permanently damaging your business. We’re the SEO agency Perth local businesses use to improve their rankings quickly and profitably.

Unlike other agencies, we perform all our optimisation activities in-house in our offices. This ensures a high standard of work and ethical marketing standards. Finely tuned processes, a robust team of SEO specialists and proprietary software. A couple of the reasons we’re the best and most consistent Perth SEO agency.

The Better SEO Agency

SEO With sitecentre

It’s important to start all SEO campaigns with a proven strategy. We start by running a comprehensive analysis of your industry and competitors. With this, we construct an unbeatable white hat SEO strategy that’ll take you to the top of Google.

Our white hat SEO and our specialist’s improvements are designed to make our SEO campaigns low risk. Our strategy of working in partnership with you and your business allows us to establish objectives, goals and find market opportunities to improve your digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy to get search engine results. sitecentre understands SEO Sunshine Coast is competitive and different from other locations. That’s why our SEO campaigns are customised to your business and industry.

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Focused on what matters

Real SEO focused on growth & results

If you want to maintain high rankings long-term, and stay one step ahead of your competitors, sitecentre are the team to call. We build a long-lasting relationship with our partners based on performance, results and ongoing engagement.

We regularly talk with our partners to keep their SEO strategy evolving. Through regular discussions, performance analysis, and research, we ensure your SEO strategies are fluid and adaptable to change.

Using sitecentre’s internal software, our 24/7 online data dashboard, you can monitor the performance of all our SEO activities.

Local Perth SEO

Google local SEO

GMB combines on-site and off-site strategies to make it easy for customers to find you when they want you most. Our aim is to improve rankings to the top position on Page 1 of Google Maps listings for relevant local searches. This increases foot traffic to your business and helps find you.

Our local SEO techniques make it easy for customers to find you online. Whether at home or out and about, local searchers convert at high numbers. There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than being at the top of the local rankings for Perth.

With our extensive experience in enhancing local search results, we deliver true measurable value in the form of more local traffic walking through your door.

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Machine Learning Graphic
Counteractive Improvements

Competitor Activity Monitoring

We’re the only SEO agency in the Perth with the capability and custom-built proprietary technology to provide a comprehensive proactive SEO strategy. That means monitoring your competition for any changes to their websites, and countering those changes before they gain value.

By proactively making changes to your SEO campaign, we can stay one step ahead of your competitors every time, this ensures you maintain top rankings on your most relevant keywords and searches. No other agency can do this, and we use our own custom-built proprietary software to monitor the competition.

This is just one of the many ways that sitecentre can get you long-term, ongoing results and unmatched search rankings. We analyse everything about your competition’s websites, and make the necessary improvements to keep you ahead of the game.

SEO from the beginning

Transferring SEO

We take pride in doing everything properly. With a dedicated team of locally-based copywriters, developers and our industry-leading SEO professionals, we make sure that migrating your existing SEO campaigns is seamless. When you’ve spent a lot of money for strong Google rankings on your current website, you’ll inherently want those rankings to carry over to your brand-new one.

SEO migration can be a detailed and complex issue, and when it’s not done properly, there can be significant negative effects on your new website. That’s not how we launch a newly developed website. We strategise clearly to ensure that migration is a part of the process and one that gets your brand-new website performing well from the date of launch.

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SEO Audits Graphic
Comprehensive Audits

In-depth SEO Audits

Everything we do is backed by solid data at sitecentre. A key part of that is our unique, customised SEO audits that analyse everything to do with your site health, past or current penalties, SEO performance and all other past ranking wins and losses. It’s all about understanding your business, analysing the right data in the right way, and coming up with unbeatable solutions. Unfortunately, many marketers just go straight to the “solutions” without understanding the opportunities. Not sitecentre, we’ve got the team, experience and technology to perform better.

Using our own custom-built software, we’re able to make use of data that informs strategies right from the beginning. This might include layout issues, conversion rate data, A/B Testing and much more. It’s all part of our detailed, well-informed SEO strategies.

We can even give you a free in-depth video SEO audit, with no obligation, call our friendly team for more information.

Their service is unparalleled in an industry that’s saturated with money traps and inflated value pretending to drive your business.Chris Hale — Sunshine Coast Tour Company

Simple Pricing, Better ROI.

We’re all about delivering fast, sustainable results at an affordable price. Our new pricing structure puts more time in your campaigns.


  • 10-20 Tracked Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting
  • On-Page Optimisations
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Monthly Activity Highlights
  • 30-Minute Planning Session


  • Everything in Growth+ and:
  • 40-60 Tracked Keywords
  • Full Website Management
  • Hosting & Security
  • 1-Hour Planning Session
  • Advanced Location Targeting
  • CRO + A/B Testing & Recording
Local is our speciality

Our Local SEO Case-Studies

Because of the combination of internal software, our 400+ optimisations and continued innovation, our customers get consistent results, here are a couple of case studies to prove our local SEO works.

Case Study 1

Fixed Today Plumbing

A Sydney plumber known for their quality services, fair pricing & friendly customer service looking for a new identity online, SEO & Paid Advertising options.

Organic Traffic2,924 vs 1,212

141.25% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate55.43% vs 69.27%

19.98% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session2.83 vs 1.66

70.35% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate6.74% vs 3.57%

88.70% vs last 60 days

Conversions246 vs 60

310.00% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration02:36 vs 01:05

137.7% vs last 60 days

Case Study 2

Surf Nation

eCommerce store selling surf hardware & accessories online across Australia. Surf Nation needed a new Shopify website, digital marketing & SEO services.

Organic Traffic5,603 vs 2,459

130.13% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate72.05% vs 78.56%

8.64% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session1.47 vs 1.33

9.92% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate4.25% vs 1.8%

80.99% vs last 60 days


181.28% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration03:12 vs 01:27

120.96% vs last 60 days

Case Study 3

MMA Factory

eCommerce store selling MMA & Boxing equipment across Australia who was looking to increase sales, and profit using SEO.

Organic Traffic9,243 vs 7,351

25.74% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate38.00% vs 42.62%

12.15% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session13,469 vs 10,955

22.95% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate1.92% vs 1.41%

36.26% vs last 60 days


10.05% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration03:38 vs 03:29

4.11% vs last 60 days

sitecentre provided us with a high functioning website and all the online tools we need to kick-start our plumbing Business. We would highly recommend using sitecentre for your website.Mario Bellini — Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage

Targeted, Customised SEO for any Industry

We specialise in helping business just like yours from all industries achieve their digital marketing goals. More sales, leads and revenue with high-quality search engine optimisation.

The Comprehensive Perth SEO Agency

Our team has the industry knowledge, the expertise and the dedication to deliver professional results every single time.

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Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Reporting
Link Building
Citation Building
Activity Highlights
Content Creation2,0002,5003,0005,000+
Tracked Keywords20-4040-6060-80100+
Strategy Session30 Mins30 Mins1 Hr1 Hr
Competitor Activity Logging100 Competitors300 Competitors500 Competitors
WordPress Support
Location Targeting
Machine Learning Improvements
On-Page Optimisation Limited
GMB Management Limited
Technical Optimisations Limited
Performance Optimisation Limited
Hosting & Security
eCommerce Support
Full Website Management
Custom Coding Limited
CRO & A/B Testing
Dynamic Landing Pages
Outreach Link Building
Google Ads
Visitor Recordings
Email Funnels
sitecentre provided us with a high functioning website and all the online tools we need to kick-start our plumbing Business. We would highly recommend using sitecentre for your website.Mario Bellini — Mario’s Plumbing & Drainage

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know something specific about ranking in search engines? We have the answers to some frequently asked optimisation questions.

You should always use SEO when trying to promote any local business. Professionally done SEO helps you get to the first position in popular search engines, generate more leads and improve conversions.

Optimisations play a huge part in any business digital marketing plan. As a long-term marketing method, proper SEO lasts as long as your business.

In some cases, SEO won’t deliver the results you’re after. A marketing professional should be able to advise if SEO can help your business.

In most cases yes, SEO returns a better ROI. However, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, where SEM is an instant ROI.

The results will differ for every city, industry and business. There are a lot of factors that determine how quickly results can be achieved. Asking a professional SEO consultant at sitecentre for an audit can help give a better time frame.

We’re a world-leading agency, not just locally here, but nationally. Our strategies are used by some of the world’s biggest SEO agencies and independent consultants. We train and teach SEO to other agencies to better their results as well. Our breakthrough software built specifically for us helps identify new ranking opportunities more accurately and faster than any other agency. Technical improvements such as Website speed, click-through rate, user experience and website content all play a vital role in rankings all play a role in your rankings.

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