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sitecentre® use one of Australia’s most trusted and secured domain name registers for all our partners. Domain management is critical to protecting your valuable domain names and branding that’s why we trust Panda Hosting.

  • and .au Domain names from $14.00/per year.
  • Australian owned domain name provider.
  • 24/7 Customer Service & Support Team.
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Domain name management is the process of securing a domain portfolio from external threats and making sure all domain names have current domain registration. Domain owners need to be able to renew their domain name registration and access the hosting provider.

You can use domain management services to help with domain renewals, corporate domain name management, maintaining website security, and large domain portfolio audits to remove unwanted domains.

Finding the perfect domain name is only the first step. Protecting it from theft and getting it at an affordable price is another. A domain name should be one of the foundations for your business online. It can help promote your business, and your products, differentiate you from your competitors, push you into new markets, and protect your brand on the Internet.

Panda Hosting is our provider of choice as their security and customer service are second to none. They also offer the best prices on new domain names and renewals, and they are owned and operated in Australia. That results in quicker DNS, support, and a superior experience for users.

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Domain gTLDs, ngTLD and ccTLDs.

Panda Hosting offers all major domain extensions, including new and country-specific domain names. Once you have found the perfect domain for you or your business, we will help you buy and secure it.

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