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sitecentre® offers all types of SEO services for businesses looking for unbeatable results—world-class reliable search engine optimisation services without complex contracts.

Adaptive to your needs

Any Industry, Any Location, Any Platform

sitecentre® lead by example, setting SEO expectations, standards, and benchmarks. No company does what we do, and no other company can compete with our results. It’s what makes us industry leaders.

SEO is an ever-evolving platform that can chew you up and spit you out. If SEO is done incorrectly, it can result in irreversible damage. That’s why sitecentre® takes the time to do it right the first time.

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SEO Done Differently, Done Right.

It doesn’t matter if your audience sits in big cities or small towns. Our strategies are custom to your business. Your campaign will be tailor-made for your industry and target demographic. We use state-of-the-art technology to decrypt your analytical data. This data lets us pinpoint exactly what to focus on without guessing games.

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Data-Driven Actions

Our state-of-the-art innovative technology allows us to analyse your data better. This technology helps us make educated decisions.

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Personalised Reporting

Using our easy-to-understand reporting, you can customise our reports to show the data you care about most.

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Regular communications are just the beginning. Your account manager is available at all times for your convenience.

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Life-Long Results

Our search engine optimisation strategies are white hat strategies, which means long-lasting rankings that don’t disappear.

10,000+ First Position Rankings
150+ Active Partners
800+ Successful Projects
1.2m Managed Ad Spend

A More Detailed SEO Strategy

We use advanced machine learning technologies and internally developed algorithms. These algorithms mean we can plan a detailed strategy specific or your business. We deliver five times the work, where it matters.

Step 1

Detailed Planning

Planning allows us to understand your goals and objective better. We can then understand our target keywords and strategy to grow quicker.

Step 2

Assignment & Implementation

Assigning one Sunshine Coast or Melbourne specialist account manager to your campaign is just the beginning. From day 1, our purpose-built task allocation software ensures our 400+ optimisations are done in optimal order.

Step 3

Comprehensive Reporting

Insightful reporting is explicitly designed around your goals. Every task, change, and improvement is reported and provided at the end of every month.

Step 4

Ongoing Optimisations

Every new competitor or change from an existing one is reported immediately. Our reporting allows us to proactively counter their adjustments with our own data-driven optimisations.

Brodey Sheppard
sitecentre® was founded to help small businesses compete against the giants by offering high-end digital marketing solutions at affordable prices. Marketing that’s built around generating strong ROI. We deliver unmatched results across our core channels of marketing.Brodey Sheppard Founding Director

Targeted SEO Services

We do local search engine optimisation throughout Australia. We have more details in the cities below specific to your demographic. Are you located in one of the following cities? Click your city for more detailed local information.

Brodey and the team did my website for my electrical business, amazing to deal with. Great understanding of our needs and implementation.Damian Larobina — All Wiring Solutions

400+ Optimisations

The most comprehensive and in-depth on-page optimisations in the industry. With over 400 website changes to check and improve, we are more detailed than any other agency.

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Grow Quicker

The Better Marketing Strategy?

Unlike other advertising like print media or PPC (Ads). SEO returns higher customer loyalty and better conversions rates. 60% of all clicks happen within the first three positions. Where does your website sit?

  • Higher Avg. Dollar Spent
  • High Converting Traffic
  • Stronger Brand Trust
  • Highest Customer Loyalty Channel
Data-Driven Actionable Tasks

Powered by Advanced Artificial Intelligence

As a business, we have invested heavily in systematisation, software and AI to take our clients a step beyond.

Our machine learning SEO strategy means we work proactively, not reactively. Machine learning means we do 5x the work in a single month than the average agency. It also means the time spent on your SEO campaign is spent better, resulting in significantly better rankings.

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Scientists Inspecting the letters S, E and O
We’re Different

More Than Just SEO

Although we are industry leaders in search engine optimisation with industry results, our data-driven actions work quicker, resulting in faster rankings than other agencies.

Our team is a mix of developers, web designers and data analysts. Our unique team means we can do technical SEO, On-Page SEO, content production, web designing and custom scripting.

sitecentre® takes advantage of our team to ensure they tie together for a better experience, which helps us comply with previous and future Google rules and integrate the latest strategies.


  • 10-20 Tracked Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting
  • On-Page Optimisations
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Monthly Activity Highlights
  • 30-Minute Planning Session


  • Everything in Growth+ and:
  • 40-60 Tracked Keywords
  • Full Website Management
  • Hosting & Security
  • 1-Hour Planning Session
  • Advanced Location Targeting
  • CRO + A/B Testing & Recording
Result’s That Speak for themselves

Our SEO Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. We have the results and case studies to prove it.

Case Study 1

Fixed Today Plumbing

A Sydney plumber known for their quality services, fair pricing & friendly customer service looking for a new identity online, SEO & Paid Advertising options.

Organic Traffic 2,924 vs 1,212

141.25% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate 55.43% vs 69.27%

19.98% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session 2.83 vs 1.66

70.35% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate 6.74% vs 3.57%

88.70% vs last 60 days

Conversions 246 vs 60

310.00% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration 02:36 vs 01:05

137.7% vs last 60 days

Case Study 2

Surf Nation

eCommerce store selling surf hardware & accessories online across Australia. Surf Nation needed a new Shopify website, digital marketing & SEO services.

Organic Traffic 5,603 vs 2,459

130.13% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate 72.05% vs 78.56%

8.64% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session 1.47 vs 1.33

9.92% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate 4.25% vs 1.8%

80.99% vs last 60 days

Revenue Private

181.28% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration 03:12 vs 01:27

120.96% vs last 60 days

Case Study 3

MMA Factory

eCommerce store selling MMA & Boxing equipment across Australia who was looking to increase sales, and profit using SEO.

Organic Traffic 9,243 vs 7,351

25.74% vs last 60 days

Bounce Rate 38.00% vs 42.62%

12.15% vs last 60 days

Pages / Session 13,469 vs 10,955

22.95% vs last 60 days

Conv. Rate 1.92% vs 1.41%

36.26% vs last 60 days

Revenue Private

10.05% vs last 60 days

Avg. Duration 03:38 vs 03:29

4.11% vs last 60 days

Websites get done quickly, look fantastic and most importantly load FAST. Very competitive prices too. Highly recommended.Angus Woodhead — Glasshouse Studios

Optimisation Services for Any Industry

Whether you’re a service business, brick and mortar or an online retailer, SEO can help you generate more sales leads and more consistently than other marketing methods.

The Comprehensive SEO Agency

The combination of years of industry leadership and passion for business growth sets sitecentre® aside from other SEO agencies.

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Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Reporting
Link Building
Citation Building
Activity Highlights
Content Creation2,0002,5003,0005,000+
Tracked Keywords20-4040-6060-80100+
Strategy Session30 Mins30 Mins1 Hr1 Hr
Competitor Activity Logging100 Competitors300 Competitors500 Competitors
WordPress Support
Location Targeting
Machine Learning Improvements
On-Page Optimisation Limited
GMB Management Limited
Technical Optimisations Limited
Performance Optimisation Limited
Hosting & Security
eCommerce Support
Full Website Management
Custom Coding Limited
CRO & A/B Testing
Dynamic Landing Pages
Outreach Link Building
Google Ads
Visitor Recordings
Email Funnels
Your SEO Questions, Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about search engine optimisation and ranking in popular search engines? We have broken down frequently asked questions and answered them for you.

SEO should be used when running a local business or online eCommerce store—used to drive better awareness, sales, and targeted traffic to your business.
Optimisations play a large part in any business digital marketing strategy. Proper SEO lasts as long as your business is a long-term marketing method.
Not Always. There are instances where SEO will return a poor ROI. It’s advisable to speak with a trusted professional for advice.
In most cases, yes, SEO returns a better return on investment. SEO is a long-form strategy, whereas SEM is an instant ROI.
Results can vary depending on numerous factors. The age of your site, previous efforts, and industry can all play a massive part in determining how long it’ll be before results happen.
Absolutely! We can teach you how. We teach other agencies all the time. We have an informative step-by-step guide just for you.

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