How To Choose The Right PPC Agency For Your Business

Choosing a PPC agency can be a confusing and challenging process. Learn how to choose the best PPC agency for your business with our comprehensive guide. We cover essential factors like experience, cost, and results to help you make an informed decision.

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PPC advertising is the most effective way to advertise your product, as it pays per click. Furthermore, you can use multiple digital platforms for PPC advertising like Google Ads, LinkedIn and more.

Through PPC advertising, you can draw attention to your business by buying visits to the website or product and have faster growth implementation. So, whenever someone searches for anything related to the product, the PPC ad will flash on the screen. As a result, you draw more attention to the product and business with more clicks and pay only for those clicks.

Choosing Ppc Agency

To run PPC campaigns, you will require an agency that can cater to your business demand. Therefore, knowing how to choose the best PPC agency for your business will be important as these agencies specialise in different areas of digital marketing.

How To Choose PPC Agency That Is Right For Your Business

There are many PPC agencies that you approach for your business. However, among the many PPC agencies that offer the service of digital marketing, how do you sort out the best one for you?

The best PPC agency will help you run successful PPC campaigns and increase your business’s traffic. So, these are some important points to remember when you hire a PPC agency.

How To Evaluate PPC Agencies

1. Services Offered

PPC agencies offer different services based on their expertise, so the benefits you enjoy will depend on it. For instance, they may need a graphic designer and offer only the service of copywriting. In such a case, your ad campaigns must look more attractive and grab attention. Therefore, the PPC agency may need to be corrected for your business, as you might end up paying extra for graphic design.

Furthermore, you need to check the number of channels they offer. The more channels they run on, like Google Ads and other social media platforms, the better for you. This is because running a PPC campaign on multiple platforms will bring more traffic to your business.

You can also check if they offer services besides PPC ads like SEO, web design, etc. Later, if you like their work and want to expand, you can also use other services they offer.

2. Check Past Case Studies

Any PPC agency you approach will always say they are good. Therefore, you will have to find ways to check their past cases and the outcome of those past cases. We recommend checking past customer reviews of the agency.

Also, check past case studies by requesting the PPC agency for their portfolios. These portfolios will have a history of the agency’s past cases, and you can know how they implemented and designed PPC ads for them. Carefully check the result of these past cases regarding the PPC campaign and if it is ideal for your business.

However, do not disregard a PPC agency simply because they do not have past experience. There are other ways to evaluate the agency as well. For instance, if they offer quality work and dedication to managing digital marketing, they can still do a good job for you.

Ppc Checklist Infographic

3. Data-Driven and Analytics

As a business, you should know if the PPC campaigns you spend money on bring results and profit to your business. Therefore, a good PPC agency should have good analytical tools to check if the revenue you generate equals the money you spend on paid ads.

A great PPC agency knows that its job is not only to post ads but to monitor and gather data on how to make better PPC strategies for improving the performance of ad campaigns. Furthermore, they should know how to use the data to target the right audience for the ad campaigns.

If the PPC agency does not have this information on its website, remember to ask these questions:

  • Do you offer a full analytics report in your package?
  • What tools do you use to measure PPC metrics?
  • Will they share complete data and results with you?

This is how you can find the best PPC agency for eCommerce using good data-driven and analytics reports.

4. Good Mobile Optimisation

Another factor in evaluating a good PPC agency is to see if they can optimise your ad campaigns for mobile devices. As mobile devices account for more than half of the clicks in search engines, it will be good to target these device users.

However, mobile optimisation can be tricky with changing search and social algorithms. As such, the PPC agency you hire should have the tools to adjust your ad campaigns for mobile devices without sacrificing the quality.

5. Using The Right Channels

PPC agencies can run ads on multiple channels like Google Ads, Facebook or other social media platforms. However, all of these platforms target different demographics of audiences. So, your business may only require some of them.

A good PPC agency will have the right tools and data from past clients to analyse the best platform for your business. For instance, if your marketing strategy does not target youngsters and aims at only older people, you may not have to run ads on social media platforms like Snapchat. Instead, you can invest aggressively in Google Ads only.

The PPC agency you hire can help you plan a good strategy for Google search engines only if that is the case. Otherwise, you may need to spend money on the right platform.

6. Check The Pricing

PPC agencies will have different pricing on the paid ads and their services. So, carefully choose the right agency price based on your budget for digital marketing and the expected return. Remember, the cheapest does not necessarily mean good; what you spend will also dictate the result.

Furthermore, the PPC agency rate may change based on a one-time payment or a percentage of your ad spending. Also, remember to ask if the ad spend will be accounted for in agency pricing, as some tend to do that.

Optimise Ppc Campaign Infographic

7. Other Factors

Some other factors need to be checked when you hire a PPC agency. For instance, see if they are punctual with their work. This is necessary because if you want to post an ad campaign trending among the target audience, the agency needs to post it on time before it fades.

Furthermore, factors like transparency and communication are also important for the business. For example, good PPC agencies will communicate the results, strategy for future campaigns, and data gathered with you regularly. As a result, you can make your strategy for digital marketing.

Also, a PPC agency needs to be transparent about the prices they charge you, as you do not want a surprise when the bill comes. So, ask them if they have a breakdown of the ad spend and what goes into the cost.

How To Measure The Success Of A PPC Advertising Campaign?

Once you have invested in PPC ads, measuring the campaign’s success will be important. These are some ways you can check the result of PPC ad campaigns.

  • The impression count tells you how many users saw the ad, even if they did not click.
  • Check the quality score, as it shows how likely relevant users are to see your ads.
  • A good quality score translates into more authentic and qualified leads.
  • Click-through rates (CTR) count the number of clicks per 100 impressions.
  • With a high CTR, you can know that the ad campaign is reaching the target.
  • Calculate the cost-per-click by dividing the total cost of clicks by the total number of clicks your ads received.
  • Lastly, check the revenue on ad spend by measuring the total revenue against the total ad spend the cost.


1. What Is A PPC Agency?

PPC agency caters to overseeing all the online ad campaigns of their clients. They will run pay-per-click ads for their clients on different online platforms and search engines like Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

2. What Does A PPC Agency Do?

There are multiple things PPC agencies do for their clients. Most importantly, they run ad campaigns for their clients on online platforms. PPC agencies will also help make a PPC strategy for your business. They can also help you design the ad campaign and copywriting for you.

3. How Does PPC Advertising Work?

Different platforms have their own rules on PPC advertising. However, the general steps on it are the same.

  • First, you must choose the campaign type based on your business objectives.
  • Then refine the settings and targets like location, schedule, audience, and devices.
  • After that, you will have to provide your budget and bidding strategy.
  • Then you can enter the destination URL.
  • Lastly, build your ads.

Once the PPC ads go live, factors like when and where the ads will show and how much you will have to pay will be determined by an algorithm. This algorithm will be based on factors like your budget, campaign type, bidding strategy, etc.

4. What Are The Benefits Of Using A PPC Agency?

There are multiple benefits of using a PPC agency; some of them are;

  • With a PPC agency, your marketing is outsourced, and you do not have an extra workload.
  • The agency can help you design better marketing strategies for your target audience.
  • PPC agencies offer web design and development that can be useful for your business.
  • Also, search engine optimisation can help increase your online visibility.
  • They can give you a detailed report on the ad campaign’s effectiveness.
  • With the report, you can decide if investing more in such ad campaigns is profitable.

All these benefits outweigh the service cost of hiring a PPC agency. Without an agency, you might invest wrongly in campaigns that will result in bad revenues and cost more.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Use A PPC Agency?

An exact estimate of the cost of using a PPC agency cannot be made as there are multiple factors that will determine the cost. For instance, the type of campaign you want to run will be one factor. Also, factors like designing, making a PPC strategy, copywriting, etc., will add to the cost of hiring an agency.

Furthermore, the agency will charge one-time service charges that may not be included in the ad spend budget. So, you must enquire if they can show a breakdown of all possible charges so you will not be surprised when the bill arrives.

6. What Is The Difference Between A PPC Agency And A PPC Management Company?

There is no big difference between an agency and a management company other than the scale. An agency may work on a smaller scale with fewer resources and clients. On the other hand, a management company might work on multiple scales with more resources and a larger client group. You can choose either of them based on the scale and budget you set for digital marketing.

Choosing The Right PPC Agency For Your Business

PPC Advertising is the most effective way of marketing your business in a digital world where most of us are constantly online. Therefore, you should hire a PPC agency to reach more audiences and earn better revenue.

That said, when you hire an agency, we recommend sitecentre® as the best option. At sitecentre®, we offer multiple services like web design, PPC ads, SEO, and branding. We also offer services to industries like plumbing, electricity, photographers, engineers, etc.

So, wait no longer and kickstart your digital marketing strategy with sitecentre®!

Alannah Picking

Alannah Picking

With over eight years of industry experience across Digital Marketing, Alannah entered the sitecentre® team in February 2023 as our lead account manager. She comes highly qualified, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Industries from QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and a Postgraduate in Marketing. Alannah’s robust academic background and considerable experience make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Find them on their website: sitecentre®.

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