Ad Copy Examples That Grab Viewers’ Attention

Running short of ideas for your next advertising copy? We’ve compiled some of the best ad copy examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray — 19 minute read.

Did you know that the first high-quality ad was created by a fabric merchant, Hapu, on a sheet of papyrus in Ancient Egypt?

Surprisingly, this could be considered an early form of a local bias ad copy as it wasn’t designed solely to promote his business; instead, he curated it to find his escaped slave and offered a reward to anyone who’d capture him. Legends say that his slave wasn’t found, but his advertising copy was so compelling that a large number of people visited his store.

Ad Copy Examples

Fast forward to today, ads, with social proof, are found everywhere — billboards, the internet, newspapers, and magazines.

Creating an ad that instils a sense of urgency is not an easy task, but writing a good ad copy in the heads of your targeted audience is where the challenge lies. If your copywriter cannot think out of the box and needs some inspiration, you’re at the right place.

We’ve put together some of the most creative and click-worthy ad copy examples you can draw inspiration from.

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Creative Ad Copy Examples That Grab Viewers’ Attention

It doesn’t matter how many tools or marketing materials you use to create ads; only a catchy and unique copy will arouse the audience’s interest and improve search results. Typically, an ad copy must be short and concise because only to-the-point ads tend to be memorable.

Every business owner wants their copywriter to write quality ad copy that will leave a lasting impression on their audiences’ minds. But is copywriting that easy? — Certainly, not!

So, when we came across some of the best ad copy examples on the internet, we couldn’t resist but curate this guide, so feel free to contact us for any query full of great ad copy examples. Check out some of this section’s most thought-provoking ad copies from big brands.

1. Levi’s

Have you ever seen the 1985 ‘Launderette’ ad by the well-known BBH agency? This iconic ad is applauded for its craft, but like most marketing ads, it was rooted in long-term insight. Undoubtedly, it skyrocketed the sales of a struggling product — Levi’s 501 jeans up to a whopping 800%.

As the 70s merged with the 80s, Perry Boys, Soulboys, B-boys and the New Romantics didn’t want to wear jeans. As a result, the 501 jeans suffered more than any other product.

Levi’s, also known as Levi Strauss & Co., released this ease-of-use ad with a black sheep poster. Its slogan, “When the world zigs, zags”, was adopted in addition to the black sheep as its symbol.

Black Levis Advertisement

Soon enough, this ad echoing rebellion had to be taken off the air when the production plant could not keep up with the demands of the consumers.

2. Heinz

In the digital marketing era, Heinz knows how to stand out from the crowd, and its latest ready-to-use pasta sauce ad testifies to the same.

Instead of starting with a simple headline, Heinz writes an excellent copy that states — “150 years late. Seven ways to apologise.” What’s startling is that the brand admits publicly that it is pretty late to the pasta sauce party — precisely 150 years.

Heinz Years Late Advert

Unlike other Google Ads or print ads, Heinz crafts a cost savings ad copy; Heinz launches its pasta sauce with a subtle and intelligent sense of humour. Of course, the brand adopted an important copywriting strategy to draw people’s attention to its newly launched pasta sauce.

3. Policygenius

Despite living in the 21st Century, no one on earth can predict the future, no matter how learned they are.

With John Downing as the creative director, Policygenius turned a few forecasts into a sequence of witty copy. With a final call-to-action button (CTA) — “We’ll always get the future wrong. Better get insurance right.” Policygenius successfully tugged at people’s heartstrings.

Policygenius Adcopy

4. Oxford University

“To be, or not to be?” — “Hamlet” dominated our English Literature classes in grades 11 and 12.

Did you ever notice that this famous soliloquy of Hamlet starts with not one but two questions? Of course, not! In July 2014, Oxford University surprised everyone by releasing a unique ad copy with this famous line.

It also mentioned that “if you too are smarter than Shakespeare, we have the degree for you.” This brilliant copy curated by the Ferrier Pearce Creative Group Bletchingley raised everyone’s curiosity and eyebrows, while the lighthearted attack on Shakespeare exudes confidence.

Oxford Copywriting

5. StreetEasy

Hardly does anyone in NYC have to rack their brain to remember about StreetEasy, thanks to the attention-grabbing ads that it creates. Of all the ad copies published to date, the one created in collaboration with NY artist Jon Contino by the creative agency Preacher is unforgettable.

Its latest ad campaigns pay homage to classic board games to encourage New York residents to “Win the Game of Real Estate” — the company’s tagline.

Streeteasy Smart Ad Copy

Exuding the look and feel of a traditional board game, Jon created a typographic board ad that was put up on billboards, taxis, wallscapes, buses, sidewalks, subway cars and streets. That’s not all; Jon created an Instagram ad copy on social media to educate people on how they could win by teaming up with StreetEasy.

6. McDonald’s

Creating an ad copy woven with multiple ideas while delivering the message to potential customers is no easy task. We thought the same until we came across a McDonald’s ad copy designed in collaboration with Leo Burnett.

When Italian high school students were preparing for their final exams, McDonald’s released this ad copy, reminding them to take a tasty break between their studies. Against a yellow, black or green background, the ad copy contains a few words that may appear confusing — but that’s what it is all about.

Mcdonalds Creative Ad Copy

7. Harley Davidson

With the tagline — “Somewhere on an aeroplane, a man is trying to rip open a small bag of peanuts,” Harley Davidson managed to grab the audience’s attention.

Classic Ad Copy Harley Davison

what makes this risk bias ad copy appealing is that the brand doesn’t intend to sell the motorcycle; instead, a new way of life and the concept of freedom. And if you take a closer look at the ad copy, you’ll notice it echoes the message to live life to the fullest.

Yes, travelling by plane is fun, fast, and convenient, but can you stop where you want or have the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, rivers or forests? Absolutely not!

Created by Carmicheal Lynch, this ad copy doesn’t sell the motorcycle directly but attracts customers by selling the experience. This ad is a great copywriting example of how a brand can attract audiences to its products without talking much about it.

8. Farm To Spoon; Cold Crush; Kingston Fruit Bar

The impact of a well-written ad copy is immeasurable. Don’t believe us? We suggest checking out the Farm to Spoon, Cold Crush and the Kingston Fruit Bar ad copy, the newly launched brands under Wells.

Cold Crush Billboard

Each print ad copy is creatively illustrated, emphasising how toothsome the ice creams are.

Walrus did an excellent job of marketing the ice creams sold by each brand. That is to say, the smooth and creamy texture of the fresh-churned ice cream of Cold Crush in the ad copy piques audiences’ interest to try them.

And if you’re a vegan, you would want to try the Farm to Spoon ice creams because they are made of cauliflower — surprised, right? If we’d be honest, the Kingston Fruit Bars ad copy deserves applause for adopting innovative billboard strategies to capitalise on the idea that half sugar requires half marketing.

Bus Stop Copywriting Ad

In short, we’d say it’s one of the best copywriting examples from which copywriters can draw inspiration.

9. Harvey Probber

“If your Harvey Probber chair wobbles, straighten your floor” — that’s how good its chairs are.

Harvey Probber Chair Ad

While every brand claims to sell high-quality products, Harvey Probber is among those few who live up to its claims. Designed by Papert, Koenig, Lois Inc., the ad copy states that, for a copy example, each chair is made “by a unique machine that has five fingers and is called the human hand.”

Instead of mentioning hand-made, the copywriters have created a story around the chair that makes it more special. Therefore, this durability ad copy example hits the pain points of those who invest in expensive furniture that isn’t durable and wobbles after a few months of use.

10. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Some brands and copywriters dare to break the rules and write out-of-the-ordinary ad copy to attract potential customers.

Kraft Mac & Cheese does something similar alongside Netflix to promote two things simultaneously — boxed dinner and the film from the new video subscription service, Netflix’s The Adam Project. It is a kind of food usually preferred by young people, but the ad copy makes it clear that people of every age can enjoy it.

In The Adam Project, the famous actor Ryan Reynolds plays the role of older Adam, but even then, his sense of humour is similar to his younger version. And that’s what makes this ad copy catchy and a little bawdy.

11. Properchips

We all know that including a video on the landing page of a website is likely to boost the conversion rate compared to images.

But have you ever tried creating video ads to keep the audience engaged with your products or services? If not, one of our favourite examples, the Done Properly ad copy from Properchips, is worth checking out.

Above Beyond agency has done a commendable job by taking the audience on a journey with the main character to showcase the entire production process of lentil chips.

The ad copy is certainly intriguing, but what makes it more thrilling is the psychedelic animation used throughout the video. Phrases like “master of structure,” “plant-based, protein-packed powerhouse,” and “monumental lentil” make this ad copy interesting.

12. Squarespace

“Sally sells seashells by the seashore” — how many times can you say this tongue twister without stumbling?

While saying it repeatedly is tricky, selling seashells for Sally is not difficult at all. And that’s what the ad copy is all about. This ad copy deliberately makes use of the letter “s” quite a number of times.

As tongue twisters get stuck in people’s minds quickly, Edgar Wright, the ad agency, uses the letter “s” to etch the brand’s name in people’s memory. The cost savings detailed in the ad copy have also been titled “Everything to Shell Anything”, which echoes the brand’s latest campaign.

13. Campaign Monitor

You don’t need many words to leave a lasting impression on your audience’s mind. At times, a little wordplay is enough to communicate the brand message.

Campaign Monitor replaced “NO” with “OH” in one ad copy, and its meaning changed completely.

Campaign Monitor Bold Creative Copy

And let’s be honest — how many of us open our inboxes and take time out from our busy schedules to read emails unless it is about something very important? Well, none of us!

Even if we open our inbox, we swipe left or delete our emails without paying heed to them.

This ad copy created by BarrettSF emphasises the importance of sending well-crafted emails that are highly focused on engaging with your audiences.

14. Oakley

In 2020, Oakley, a famous eyewear brand, launched a new collection, Origins. Headed by one sports performance item named Sutro Eyeshade, the new collection was inspired by a classic eyeshade launched on the market three decades ago — precisely, 1984.

The newly launched collection showcases its undying love and devotion to sports in the series of letters written to the Team Oakley athletes from the perspective of its products. After all, it was only because of them that the brand was able to break boundaries for the last 45 years and inspire future generations.

AKQA Paris designed a long ad copy like the olden days featuring the story behind the product so people immerse themselves while reading it. On top of that, a well-known 80s song was added to the ad campaign to get people hooked on it.

Its ad campaign for the new collection evokes nostalgia, going well with the new sunglasses, which resemble the old ones.

15. Nike

Do you want to create a killer Instagram ad copy that will appeal to your audiences and turn them into potential customers? Well, Nike’s social proof ad copy is worth drawing inspiration from.

Once, Nike released an ad copy with a pair of white shoes that read:

“Always $100 and Under.” — Beija Marie Velez


Without describing its product, Nike made an impact by posting an honest review of a public figure — that’s where the power lies. Indeed, getting a renowned figure’s review for your product or service is challenging. But, if you’re fortunate enough to get that, don’t forget to use it wisely in your ad copy.

How To Replicate Click-Worthy Ad Copy And Boost Conversion Rate

1. Google Search Ad Copy Examples

There’s no denying that creating an ad copy full of elements and attention-grabbing creative imagery is challenging. But how can you make your Google ad copy enticing?

Not just you, but there are numerous other copywriters and business owners who struggle to distinguish themselves from their competitors when it comes to Google Ads. But not many know that your ad content is everything to Google (literally)!

From logistical information to researching and using the right keywords, you must ensure your ad copy includes everything needed to make it stand out from contenders.

Small Business Health Insurance Ad Copy


A. Differentiate Your Business

Someone has already been selling whatever you sell in the eCommerce marketplace for months or decades. Despite creating competitive ad copy, your business may not rank as high in the SERPs as you want.

To make your products stand out from others, you’ll have to figure out their USP or a unique selling point and include that in the ad copy.

Bad Good Usps

B. Bid On Your Own Branded Terms

Has anyone told you that bidding on branded terms is the secret weapon to dominate search engine results?

Well, that’s why your competitors poach potential customers close to converting. Most business owners bid on branded terms, so their nice, shiny ad ranks high on the SERPs. Therefore, a large volume of your website visitors gets diverted to the landing page of their eCommerce marketplace.

C. Appeal To Pain Points

Want people to click your ad copy without thinking twice? Appealing to their pain points is the best way to grab the audience’s attention.

For instance, Coordinate is one platform where entrepreneurs and customers can keep track of projects and to-do tasks, share files or communicate. Once, this project management software used phrases like “no follow through” or “Are they mishandling things?” to induce customers to search for answers by clicking on the website.

2. Facebook Ad Copywriting Examples

Facebook ads are easy to set up, budget-friendly and deliver fast results. Not only that, but they are highly customisable, which is why they are an effective way to drive traffic.

As per research, there were about 1.96 billion active users on Facebook during the first quarter of 2022. Besides creativity, you must ensure that the ad’s headlines, image text and description are relevant to the topic.

{{img:'oberlo-Facebook-social-statistic.jpg' | height | width | alt | title | lazyload | responsive}}

Speaking of Facebook ads, we suggest checking the ad copy of Goodbuy to draw some inspiration for your next ad.


A. Storytelling Isn’t As Difficult As You’d Think

How many digital marketing managers told you to publish an ad with a short storytelling video? There might have been many because marketers know that video ads leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audiences.

All you need to do is ask the copywriter to create a short video showcasing your brand and its beliefs interestingly. Also, you need not add many elements to the video ad; compelling animation, appealing font design, and little to no imagery are enough to tell your story.

B. Use Emojis

Adding emojis to Facebook ads can increase engagement and lead to higher click-through rates. Don’t believe us? Try posting the same ad with and without emojis and measure the results yourself.

Emojis make your ad interesting, which is why they are perfect for conversational copywriting. And the best part is that you can be as creative as you want when using emojis in the ad copy.

For instance, restaurant owners can create Facebook ads using numerous emojis related to food and crockeries. But the hard hat emoji is difficult to ignore if you’re a contractor.

3. Instagram Ad Copywriting

In a world where we are always on the go, hardly anyone can spare a few minutes to read the new blog post you’ve just updated on your site. But don’t worry; Instagram ads can deliver your message to your target audience at budget-friendly prices.

Intergram Engagement Graphic

When Neutrogena promoted its Hydro Boost, it created an ad copy about its benefits. It supported its claim by mentioning the ingredients added to the formula.

If you want to make a playful ad copy, check out the ad copy of Halosfun, which uses cute pictures of animals to connect people with its products.


A. Correct Adjectives For Products And Services

When designing an Instagram ad copy, think of all the adjectives that perfectly describe your products and services. After deciding on the image for the ad, use the adjectives you think are best suited.

B. Feature-Benefit Copy Moves Audiences Through The Sales Funnel

Creating a feature-benefit copy is an effective tactic to move people through the sales funnel. Your consumers may not be aware of the scientific terms or ingredient names used in the ad copy, but it helps build credibility.

4. LinkedIn Ad Copy Examples

Aside from Facebook, Instagram, and Google, LinkedIn is another platform for posting ads to spread brand awareness. A LinkedIn ad copy is highly customisable, which means you can include all you want — a success story, blog post, or a free trial ad.

One of our favourite LinkedIn ad copy examples is FICO, which intriguingly posted its success story. Surprisingly, the ad copy contained a customer quote, “Partnering with FICO has transformed Mercury”, and a download button. This carousel ad is interesting because it contains different headlines to keep people hooked.


A. Stay Within Character Count

You wouldn’t want people to scroll through your ad because the important characters were cut off from the headlines, right?

For this reason, you must keep an eye on the character count while writing a LinkedIn ad copy. Make sure it’s short, to the point, and enjoyable so people are compelled to click the CTA button.

B. Engage Audiences By Offering Free Trials Or Guides

Generating leads is vital for every business to survive the cut-throat competition. So, business owners must leave no stone unturned to boost their conversion rates. One way to attract the audience’s attention is by offering free trials of products or services to increase engagement.

Tips For Creating A Killer Ad Copy From Industry Experts

With every brand struggling to make a mark in the digital world, creating an ad copy that grabs the audience’s attention immediately is challenging. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars on your next ad copy because the key is to work smart, not hard.

With that said, we decided to share a few tips that we’ve gathered from industry experts to create killer advertising copy examples.

  • Research your audience to know their needs and interests
  • Craft an engaging ad copy that will appeal to their pain points.
  • Write an ad copy as if you are speaking to a friend — in a conversational tone.
  • Ensure the ad copy resonates with your target audience
  • Keep the first line of your ad copy short and concise
  • Copywriting isn’t a guessing game, so make sure you research as much as you can.

Make Your Ads Work For You

That’s it on our guide on website copy and advertising copy examples! Whenever you plan to create an ad copy, don’t forget to research your audiences’ interests to figure out what pushes them to make a purchase. No matter what buyer persona you have, strategic research is the only thing that can guarantee long-term success.

A catchy headline, relevant keywords, compelling visuals and appeal to pain points — are the most important things that help your ad rank high in the search results. Ensure your ad copy contains everything to the point so you can outperform competitors to boost conversions.

If creating an attractive ad copy seems challenging, hiring an experienced digital marketing and copywriter will be the best way forward — so don’t hesitate to hire one for your business.

Talk to us if you’re looking for a team that works with you to ensure your brand, products, and services are portrayed correctly. With our team of Australian copywriters, you will be able to create outstanding and converting ad copy, landing pages, and other marketing materials.

We hope you enjoyed our ad copy examples! See you later, folks!

Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray

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