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97.4% of Australian Businesses are considered Local. You're not alone. sitecentre can help you grow your local SEO by implementing tried, and tested strategies have proven time and time again.

Give yourself just 5 minutes to read this page, it could change your business forever.

If you're a local business, that sells in, or services in a specific area such as a restaurant, cafe or retail store, plumber, electrician or pool cleaner than you're more than likely looking for Local small business SEO services to improve your rankings.

Small or Local businesses account for 97.4% of Australian Businesses, so you're not alone.

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Ranking your website in Google, Bing and Yahoo has been a challenge for small businesses for decades. More than 60% of the clicks happen within the first 3 positions.

If your business is not ranking in the first 3 positions within search engines you're losing valuable business to your competition.

That's where sitecentre comes in. We don't just build beautiful websites, graphics and branding. We build businesses. We know our success is made up of your success.

We strive for long-term relationships with our clients. Generating leads and sales with measurable results will keep you coming back.

We're so confident in our Hyper-Local SEO packages that we guarantee your rankings, or we do it for free. We don't “guarantee” but you pay anyway like some other agencies. If we don't deliver, you don't pay.

Our team take your business on like its our own, we take action immediately and stand true to our reputation. sitecentre take accountability for your results.

Understanding SEO is one thing, explaining it is another. But actually doing it. That's what stands us apart from other agencies.

Our system is simple. Your local business has competition, what can you do differently to stand above, and dominate. We need your guidance, industry expertise to formulate a strategy that we can use to dominate in any industry.

Give us a call, Our team can sit down and discuss how we can (or cannot) help you can your local business grow it's SEO before your competition grows theres.

If you want to try and do what we do for yourself, I’ve compiled some information to how to go about it, some of the steps we take to generate you local rankings.


A citation is a reference to your business from an authoritative or reputable source of information. This helps verify your business identity.

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As a general rule, you want to be spread across the big citations, little citations and local citations within your postcode.

There is quite literally tens of thousands to choose from, you don’t need all of them though.

Some of your more popular Australian business directories are:

It’s important to fill out your profiles 100% as much information as humanly possible. Providing unique descriptions, and profile information is important as well.

Focusing on “NAP” which is short for Name, Address, Phone Number. These should match identically across all platforms.

We use a combination of platforms which allow us to scan, report and verify accuracy:

Citations on business directory listings is a great start for your SEO efforts locally. Use unique passwords, create a spreadsheet with Username, Password, Link.

If in the future you choose to go down the path of an SEO agency you can provide this to them to make changes and alterations. It also comes in handy if your number or address changes to go through and update them all.

What businesses are classed as local businesses?

Local businesses are defined by your client base, and where your clients resinate from.

Here is a list of just a couple businesses who fall into localised businesses:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Theme Parks

If you fall into one of these, or similar you should consider doing hyper local seo.

On Page SEO

Understanding your website, your traffic and how they engage with your website is a fundamental piece of information.

Typically, when looking at region based traffic they’re either looking for your contact information or “NAP”.

Displaying this clearly, visually and in multiple forms is important for ranking and conversions.

Here are some tips for making sure your website is as useful as possible:

  • Clearly display your phone number
  • Show your address in full
  • Make sure your opening and closing hours are visible
  • Display a map of where you’re and how they can get to you
  • Display whether you’re opened or closed on public holidays

If you follow those basic steps you can set yourself up for far better results on your own seo efforts.

If you’re looking for someone to properly manage your local SEO efforts, We know what we’re doing. Have industry leading strategies and guarantee our results.

It’s the little things that set us apart.

See why our customers use us, and continue to use us for their internet marketing, hosting and business growth.

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Cuen Bibb

sitecentre was straight to the point about what worked and what didn't work on our website.

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Mario Bellini

sitecentre provided us with a high functioning website and all the online tools we need to kick start our Plumbing Business.

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Paul Walton

sitecentre has been amazing in taking the time to understand my business before building an amazing web site...

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Angus Woodhead

Websites get done quickly, look fantastic and most importantly load FAST. Very competitive prices too. Highly recommended.

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