SEO Services For Electricians

Are you seeking an uplift in your electrical contracting business ranking on search engines? Let our exceptional SEO services and bespoke digital marketing strategies tailored for local electricians assist you.

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SEO Services For Electricians

We understand that every electrician has a unique audience. That’s why we custom-make all of our strategies for your business. We use custom technology to do an in-depth competitor analysis and demographics to determine the best SEO for electricians. There is no guessing, just solid data to maximise and systemise your SEO investment by an agency with a proven track record of ranking electrician websites across Australia.

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Data-Driven Actions

With our state-of-the-art innovative technology, we can analyse your data better. Thus, our decisions are better.

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Personalised Reporting

Our customised reporting solutions that work for you make it easy to check data and results.

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Staying in touch is easy with your account manager. While we work to improve your SEO, we ensure you are not left out.

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Life-Long Results

We use white hat SEO strategies to ensure your rankings won’t disappear. We deliver long-lasting results.

12,000+First Position Rankings
150+Active Partners
900+Successful Projects
1.2 mManaged Ad Spend
Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO vs. Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Within the SEO industry, many are acquainted with marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click advertisements or Google AdWords. With this type of marketing, businesses pay a set amount every time a search engine user clicks on their ad.

Despite its effectiveness in some industries, it is not as successful in others due to its intense competition. And electrical businesses are no exception to this rule. It is unlikely that you will make a profit from your PPC ads unless you have a large budget.

In contrast, research shows that SEO leads are eight times more likely to become paying customers than traditional advertising.

Our team of SEO specialists will boost your organic traffic by refining your website in line with Google’s algorithm and ranking factors. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a single click, you can invest your money in building your website’s content and authority on Google with our SEO packages.

Even though SEO doesn’t produce instant results, it is a more profitable investment in the long run. Additionally, organic SEO is about 5.66 times more effective than paid search ads.

When you build your electrician SEO strategy with us, you’ll see converting customers coming through your doors for many years.

SEO Results
Suburb Pages
Targeting Local Consumers

Suburb Pages

We create suburb pages for every region you serve to ensure you reach the maximum number of prospective customers. As these pages appear at the top of search engine result pages, they will increase your business in local suburbs.

We will establish unique pages for each area, highlighting your primary electrical services and promotions.

You can work with our team to identify the specific cities and suburbs you want to target. As a result, customers will find your website when they search for local electrical services, and your website is significantly more visible to local users.

It will also give you an advantage over your local competitors who offer the same services, attracting customers to your website instead of theirs.

With sitecentre®, each suburb page is specifically written to respond to customers’ pain points in each targeted suburb.

Be Ahead Of Your Competitors

Service Pages

Building backlinks and crafting customised service pages will give you a competitive edge, helping your website rank higher for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to your electrical business. Our service pages generate more leads, customers, and search rankings.

Our service pages will enable you to highlight your customers’ specific electrical services. These pages will include details about the service, your company, and contact information.

For example, if your customer searches for commercial electricians, you need a page that ranks well for commercial electrical work.

Our SEO team will create relevant content optimised with targeted keywords and a linking strategy. Our easy-to-navigate service pages help visitors quickly find the information they’re looking for on your website.

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What Is Local SEO For Electricians

Local SEO refers to improving search engine visibility for local businesses that cater to a specific region, such as local electricians.

SEO can be split into different categories based on your business type, and you should focus on the ones relevant to yours.

Increasing local search engine rankings is one of our primary objectives when working with electrical companies. We can generate website traffic that converts to your website using local SEO tactics.

We will rank you for keywords that customers in your area will likely use to find your services. Some keywords that potential customers search for to locate a local electrician include:

  • Electrician Near Me
  • Local Emergency Electrical Services
  • Best Electricians In My Area

We will organically rank your website for these search terms, prominently positioning it in the top results and enhancing your online reputation. As more traffic comes to your website, more customers will convert.

Brodey and the team did my website for my electrical business, amazing to deal with. Most importantly after support which generally missing from most. Thanks for your help.
SEO For Electricians

Why You Need SEO

As business owners, we all wish to see a high return on investment and a loyal customer base. But it can be challenging to acquire, especially considering how many competitors are on the market.

As an SEO company and digital marketing agency, we strive to see you succeed long after your partnership with us is over. Our team wants to ensure you invest in SEO’s most beneficial aspects.

To ensure your success, sitecentre® focuses on several elements of search engine optimisation. Our experts will optimise your website by uploading engaging content relevant to your target customers and electrical services. The objective is to identify and target quality leads that ultimately convert to sales.

Search engine results don’t happen overnight, as you may know. We will develop a custom and effective SEO strategies for your business to ensure that your results last a very long time. We can increase customers’ loyalty through our SEO strategies, improve search engine ranking, and create a large volume of converting organic traffic.

Electrician SEO
Content Plan
Number 2.

Business Directories & Citations

Being visible to customers in your area is key for any electrical service company. Our team will list your business in relevant local business directories and include it in reputable citations.

In addition to increased credibility, legitimacy, and reach, listing your electrical company online and in relevant citations gives you an advantage over your competitors in your area.

A presence in multiple business directories will help you acquire more customers and boost your exposure. This will improve your search engine rankings and accessibility to potential target customers.

As part of our services, we can also create a Google My Business page and optimise it for local SEO.

Tips To Enhance Your SEO As An Electrician

Building a good SEO strategy can take weeks and months, but attracting long-term customers can be next to impossible without it. Although you can try and get cheap SEO services online to attract customers, remember that most customers have short attention spans for search engines.

You risk losing 32% of your potential clients with a slow-loading business page. Before you know it, the customer will move on to the following organic search result and click on your competitors’ web page. You may lose hundreds of potential clients this way, so why take the risk?

So, let us now tell you about some of the best ways in which we can enhance your SEO campaigns.

High-Quality Optimised Content

Creating A Content Plan

With our team of highly skilled writers, we will design a content strategy based on your organisation’s goals and target market.

We will develop content for your electrical business that is optimised using specific keywords to help your customers quickly find information and electrical services offered by your company.

Based on the popularity of your services and the volume of search inquiries, each subtopic will be grouped into logical clusters. By providing high-quality and insightful content, you will increase traffic to your website and build customer trust.

As part of our ongoing relationship with you, we will ensure that the keywords, phrases, and topics you desire will be incorporated into your strategy.

We will also build an internal and external linking strategy to help you rank for the electrical services mentioned in your content.

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Understanding Keywords

Navigational Keywords

We will use a variety of keywords throughout your campaign. With these keywords, your electrical website will rank high in search engines for relevant and local search terms.

Among the keyword groups we’ll focus on are navigational keywords. Knowing how your customers will find your electrical services pages is important.

A navigational keyword is a term customers use to search for specific items and services online. An example of how your target market may use these is “I want an emergency electrician in SUBURB.”

In this case, Google’s location features would lead to a list of businesses offering emergency electrical services in that suburb.

We can identify and target keywords relevant to your target market through our research tools and technology. These will then be used to base content and optimise pages to ensure maximum potential reach to quality leads.

The On-Page Changes we do for you.

Our comprehensive list of on-page SEO improvements we actively do on your website includes the basics like meta description and title tags and more sophisticated strategic changes that’ll improve your online visibility. Our custom-built management software informs us of onsite improvements, outdated content, and new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Our strategists also cover all technical SEO elements using custom coding.

Simple Pricing, Better ROI.

We’ve simplified our pricing; we spend more time on your SEO campaign and more invested in your website for faster results in search engines.


  • 10–20 Tracked Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting
  • On-Page Optimisations
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Monthly Activity Highlights
  • 30-Minute Planning Session


  • Everything in Growth+ and:
  • 40–60 Tracked Keywords
  • Full Website Management
  • Hosting & Security
  • 1-Hour Planning Session
  • Advanced Location Targeting
  • CRO + A/B Testing & Recording
The team at sitecentre were amazing to work with. The high level of professionalism and communication pushed Buildrite Sydney.

The Comprehensive Electrician SEO Agency

See what makes us a step above other local electrician SEO agencies with our detailed pricing comparison chart below.

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Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Reporting
Link Building
Citation Building
Activity Highlights
Content Creation2,0002,5003,0005,000+
Tracked Keywords20–4040–6060–80100+
Strategy Session30 Mins30 Mins1 Hr1 Hr
Competitor Activity Logging100 Competitors300 Competitors500 Competitors
WordPress Support
Location Targeting
Machine Learning Improvements
On-Page Optimisation Limited
GMB Management Limited
Technical Optimisations Limited
Performance Optimisation Limited
Hosting & Security
eCommerce Support
Full Website Management
Custom Coding Limited
CRO & A/B Testing
Dynamic Landing Pages
Outreach Link Building
Google Ads
Visitor Recordings
Email Funnels
Comprehensive Keyword Research

Top Keywords For Electricians

Presently, keywords aren’t just pertinent terms scattered across a webpage; they’re the terms potential customers search online. Numerous search engines, including Google, have refined their ability to comprehend linguistic content, and you can leverage SEO to work in your favour.

So, it is essential to use keywords, terms, and phrases that make sense, are relevant and are consistent with the page’s language.

We will focus on integrating several main keywords related to your electrical business across various web pages. The choice of keywords will be guided by the services you offer, your location, and the potential to improve conversion rates. The following are some of the best keywords we will target to create a successful electrical SEO campaign:

  • Electrical / Electrician
  • Electrician Near Me
  • Emergency Electrician / Emergency Electrical Specialists
  • Residential Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • 24-Hour Electrician / Electrician Open Now

There are thousands of other electrical terms, but these are some of the most common. Using such keywords naturally, we can create targeted content to rank higher than your competitors on search engines using popular electrical keywords and search terms.

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