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Are you looking to run Google Ads (Adwords) but without the risk? We combine data science, analytics and AI to provide unbeatable Google Ad results for Sunshine Coast businesses.

Our Promise to you: If after 2 months we’re not generating your business a lower cost per lead, or cost per sale than your previous agency. We will cover the fees. We perform on average 30% better than “leading” agencies, and to this day, have never failed on this promise.

Capturing the attention of new, or existing leads via a digital pay-per-click (PPC) model such as Google Ads (Previously known as Google Adwords), or Bing Ads can be a very risky gamble.

It’s for that reason we built a model, a foolproof strategy that doesn’t just generate clicks, but sales, and leads using digital marketing.

Sunshine Coast Google Ads Managers

Our aim is not like other agencies, we won’t sell you on the potential of your advertising budget, we will promise you the results.

Companies like Alphabet, the parent company of Google is the 4th largest business in the world. 70.9% of Google’s annual revenue is from their Ads network. It’s what they do best, it’s their best interest to ensure advertisers are getting strong ROI’s because long-term advertisers spend more.

It’s a common misconception that Google Ads is a money grab, it’s the complete opposite, we focus on the full circle strategy to ensure you maximise conversions, get the lowest cost per lead/sale and the leads are more qualified.

Our trained Google Adwords managers on the Sunshine Coast not only live here but are passionate about online digital growth, we managed in 2019 alone 1.5 million in Google Ads spend across Australia, our team is set up to manage budgets of any size.

PPC Performance Graphic

We take an honest approach to pay-per-click advertising, if your business isn’t suitable, we will point you in the right direction. We won’t sell you something that will not work.

Our strategies are unmatched, and cannot be replicated by the average “digital marketing agency”. We’re specialists and have a very strong reputation due to our unique ability to drive results like no other.

Take a look at some of the strategies sitecentre implement to ensure top results below.

Complete Demographic Analysis

Guessing in digital marketing does not work.

For that exact reason, we will not guess your demographic audience, we won’t “test” using your hard-earned money. Our strategy is to audit your Google Analytics, existing data, your competition, and genuinely form an understanding of who your target market is.

If you have a pre-existing Google Ads campaign we will extract data from there to give us a better insight into what might have been working in the past.

How psychology plays such a large part in marketing is something we talk about passionately. Changing someone’s psychological mindset will improve conversion rates, average order values, become a higher valued and more qualified lead.

It’s for this reason, we’re confident that properly understanding your market will produce a better ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Scripts, Reporting & Automation

As a full-service agency, we don’t just know Google Ads Management, we understand development.

This gives us a large edge when it comes to managing any account. Scripts give account managers the ability to automate, report and generate custom commands that can be completely customised depending on the industry.

Google Ads Script Graphic

From changing, pausing or activating ads depending on the day, weather, stock market and even bidding more or less depending on the time of day when you’re more or less likely to get sales and conversions.

We write scripts that are tied into CRM’s, or sales platforms that can dynamically manage ads automatically.

The ability to write scripts lets us run customised reports that allow us to provide data that no other agency could provide. This data allows us to do more with your advertising budget and lower the price per click.

AI, Machine Learning Strategies

Using the data we’re able to generate via customised reporting via scripts mentioned above, we’re able to feed this into our advanced machine learning technologies that were programmed by our team.

This machine learning via the Google AI network allows us to learn what is happening, why and what to do to better the performance.

Artificial intelligence technologies are starting to become the focus of some of the world-leading ad-buying agencies. Algorithmic ad bidding gives the ad buyer the potential to buy ad placements are lower prices based on an algorithm generated by machine learning giving sitecentre an edge in creating the perfect Google Ads campaign.

Google Ads Buying via AI

There is no carbon copy strategy that works in every industry. The Sunshine Coast is a unique and dynamic location, and for that reason, AI and machine learning closes the gap and gives our clients an edge over their competition.

Ads, Targeting, and Grouping

Take a look at your existing Google Ads Management Agency and ask yourself this: Why am I paying for someone to create 6 ads, and target 1 audience?

A lot of our clients come from an existing company, we see what has been done and we generally say the same thing “Give me an hour, I’ll replicate this and you give it to you for free”.

It’s a shock for clients to hear they have paid hundreds, if not thousands in management fees for something we’ll do in an hour for free.

It’s for that reason, when we create our campaigns, we build it in such a way that another agency cannot load it up and replicate our strategies at the price we did it for.

To give an example:

A plumber comes to us from another online marketing agency with 1 audience, 8 ads, over 3 plumbing categories, 100 keywords, and a single landing page.

Our account has 42 campaigns with 42 unique audiences, demographics and budgets split over several time schedules all running A/B testing. 1,800 completely unique ads, and copywriting, as well as over 4,000 keywords. We also had over 1,500 landing pages.

We now manage that client at half the price their previous company did, and their lead cost is ⅓ of what it was and, each cost per click was significantly lower.

We take management to the next level, sitecentre is the industry leader who sets the standards in management.

We’re a well established Sunshine Coast web Design agency who continuously provide amazing designs and websites that leave the owners and customers blown away, this gives us the ability to make these landing pages so much more than a landing page, but a beautiful way of presenting your business.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a strategy of testing and reporting that lets us make slight alterations to ads, and landing pages to test the best converting version and then make those the baseline.

Testing provides us the opportunity to continually better ad performance increase clicks, and improve the conversion rate for your Google Ads campaign.

We use very similar A/B testing tools as the competition does, however, we wanted an edge. We developed the worlds-first (that we know of) dynamically adjusting landing pages that self adjust based on data directly provided by your campaign data.

A/B Testing Screenshot

From the wording, spacing, colour palettes and ordering of the landing page, everything is tested live, and adjusted based on your goals, in real-time.

Alongside this, we extract the best performing words, group of words and ad copy that generates the highest returning results and dynamically creates new ads.

“We invest in internal infrastructure, coding, and scripts that put us at the forefront of innovation in the digital marketing space.”

No human-managed accounts can compare to a machine that can calculate, and adjust faster than a page can load.

Heat Mapping & Screen Recording

Screen recording and heat mapping aren’t new, but it’s an underutilized tool that should be taken advantage of more.

This isn’t unique to us, it’s not unique to our clients, however, we use heat mapping to determine how clients and potential clients are interacting and engaging with your website and landing pages.

With this data, we’re able to determine possible user frustrations, UI and UX issues that should be fixed to help improve conversions.

Website Heatmapping example

With screen recording technologies we’re able to visually watch how each and every user is engaging with your website, moving from page to page, scrolling engaging with your website.

We install this technology on each, and every campaign to help understand, and drive actionable changes to landing pages that’ll drive better more qualified sales and leads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Google Ads Management for Sunshine Coast businesses is not becoming harder. This is something we hear all the time, what is happening in the talent of “Account Managers” is becoming worse.

This actually means for us, the competition is easier than ever before. Leads are cheaper, conversions are better and the profit is sky-high.

This doesn’t come overnight though, we test everything, and although our machine learning and AI does a fantastic job, it requires data to work with.

Because of this, we typically advise running for 2 months and no less, this allows us to build actionable data to improve conversion rates. We have 100 testing points in which we alter and test to provide higher converting landing pages.

Fraud Detection & Blocking

Click Fraud in paid advertising is an absolute killer of budgets.

Clickcease says that click fraud will waste 20% of PPC advertisers budget in 2020”

That’s 20% out of your pocket, it’s for this exact reason we use the best tools on the market combined with our own internal blocking systems to significantly lower the loss of click fraud.

Clickcease Screenshot

It’s not something that advertising networks take seriously enough, it’s important to rely on third-party tools to help block these visitors.

These tools are not cheap, but our partnership, our client base gives us bulk discounts on these tools so we can provide our services at affordable rates.

Industries we specialise in

Although we’re able to work in any industry whether online stores, brick, and mortar or service-based businesses we’re able to adjust, we have our specialties to where we generate returns that are unheard of.

Those industries are:

  • All service-based businesses such as but not limited to Pest Control, Plumbers, Electricians, Gardeners, and Pool Care.
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Professional Services such as Lawyers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, and Real Estate
  • Tire, Dent Repairs, Mechanics
  • Tourism
  • Health and Beauty, Hair, Makeup, and Hairdressers.

If your business isn’t mentioned above, it doesn’t mean we don’t know what we’re doing. It simply means we may not have a proven record in your industry. To back that up, we have never failed to deliver on our estimates.

These industries can also take advantage of fully managed social media campaigns as well as pay per click social media advertising.

SEO & Web Design

Paid advertising is great, running ads is easy and an instant ROI strategy, but it’s not foolproof.

Clicks are becoming more and more expensive, costs and competition are continuously growing, combining Google Ads management with other services such as search engine optimisation can help set you up for the long game.

Website Planning Graphic

If you pause your ads, the sales and calls stop. SEO as a backup allows you to continue generating calls and sales even if your ads are turned off when you have secured search results in search engines. Focusing on a full-circle digital marketing strategy can help secure your business for success long-term.

As the leading SEO Sunshine Coast business, we highly recommend combining the instant return of Google Ads or Adwords, and SEO to help your business grow short, and long-term with a stronger online presence.

Combining that with a beautifully presented web design and landing pages creates a unique combination of marketing that’ll help skyrocket your business now, and well into the future by increasing your search results.

Go online and search for "google ads sunshine coast" who comes up? It’s important that the company doing your online advertising does it for themselves, not just others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Ads right for my business?

Not always, we have an honest approach to advising whether paid advertising is appropriate for your business or not. However, for 80% of small local Sunshine Coast businesses ads is a great place to generate new leads, or helping generate returning leads or sales.

How much does running ads cost?

This depends on your business, and industry and what your advertising goals are. The median budget for our clients is between $1,000 and $3,000 with some industries being $30,000/pm. This is obviously relative to your returns, and goals.

What does PPC mean?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, commonly used in digital advertising to describe Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Bing Ads to describe a bidding method of “Paying for a click”.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a form of reporting that allows us to test side by side comparisons of ads, or landing pages to determine the highest converting variation. A/B testing is typically a 50/50 split of the audience, but can also be run as an A/B/C variation of 33/33/33 to provide more testing options.

What is heat mapping?

Heat mapping is a technology that gives us a visualization of how the audience is engaging with your web site or landing pages. This data can help identify issues, and expose better positioning of call-to-actions which will ultimately improve conversion rates.

What is Fraud Protection?

Click Fraud makes up for around 20% of all advertising clicks, typically by competition, advertising or cold calling agencies and bots which consume your budget. Click Fraud Protection uses predictive technologies to identify possible fraud and block them before being given the option to cost you money.

Do I get reports for my adverting?

Absolutely! Reports and understanding of your returns are at the forefront of our agency. We understand your concerns about advertising online, and because of that, we offer insightful, customisable and informative data into your Google Adwords campaign that helps you understand where we’re spending money, and how it impacts your business.

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