Australian Local Listing Sites

Looking for the most popular Australian listing websites for your business? Check out our guide as we go over the 24 best free and paid online business directories!

Kristi Ray

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Starting a business in Australia is relatively easy compared to many other countries.

The main reason for this is that the average household income in Australia is relatively high, which allows a more significant share of the income to be used for spending. And since disposable income is high, well-known local businesses have the potential to flourish considerably.

Australian Local Listing Sites

However, for a business to thrive, it must focus on enhancing its local visibility, particularly by employing modern marketing techniques that include free business listings on an Australian directory. Among such techniques, listing your business in online directories is among the most effective strategies.

Online visibility through business listing is a powerful off-page SEO technique that can quickly help potential clients and customers know about your business. It can also improve website visibility and lead to an increase in traffic.

So, if you are looking for good business listing sites or local Australian citation sites, here are some of Australia’s best free and paid business listing sites to check out.

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The Importance Of Business Listing

Before exploring various Australian business listing websites, knowing why listing your business online is beneficial is essential.

1. List Your Business for Free

many free business listing sites permit you to advertise and promote your business at no cost, which is a great way to cut costs.

2. Makes Information Easily Accessible

Business listing websites are online directories where essential contact information, with address and phone number details readily available, for a multitude of businesses. Such sites have vast databases where users can find contact details and information about various businesses they are looking for.

3. Reviewing Businesses

Some free business directories feature customer reviews, allowing users to review businesses making it easier for others looking for such services to find the right one.

4. Improving Visibility

Your business gains enhanced location-based search visibility when registered on various Australian directories to improve its reach to potential customers. This strategy, typical of a local search optimisation approach, improves visibility in search results, garnering more targeted traffic.

5. Improving SEO

Australian business listing sites often offer free backlinks that can improve SEO and support your digital marketing strategy.

Top Australian Local Listing Sites

1. Yelp

Founded in 2004, A Google My Business profile can position your enterprise in front of a vast audience looking for various businesses and services monthly. Register your business name to create a Google Business Profile, and you will be sent a link to your registered email address to complete the listing process.

Yelp Screenshot

2. Brownbook

Considered one of the best business listing websites, Brownbook was established in 2007 and is a global business listing website. It permits businesses worldwide to list with support for images, videos, and other resources to bolster their online presence. The website has a domain authority of 56 and allows free business listing.

Brownbook Screenshot

3. StartLocal

With a domain authority of 45, StartLocal features on the table of contents for Australian business listing sites that allow free business listing of various businesses across several categories. You can select from multiple categories and regions when listing your business. StartLocal also offers dofollow links for businesses listed on the platform.

Submitting a listing involves clicking the Add Your Business Free button and creating an account. After creating an account, you will receive a verification link to help complete the process. Submitting your business on Australian listing sites improves your domain authority and local SEO.

Start Local Home Page

4. Hotfrog

With a presence in 38 countries, Hotfrog is a general Australian business listing site that allows free global listing. It has a domain authority of 48 and is currently used by over 120 million companies across the globe. To list your business, use the Add Your Business button and provide the necessary details. Finally, use the verification link to complete the process.

Hotfrog Screenshot

5. Cylex

Cylex is a popular Australian business listing site because it allows businesses to showcase their services to prospective clients. It also makes it easy for customers to find the products and services they are looking for. What’s more, Cylex boosts brand awareness through its provision of both free and paid listings, with the former offering basic listing functionality.

Cyclex Directory Home Page

6. Word Of Mouth

Another of the highly popular business listing sites in the Australian market is Word Of Mouth, which has a domain authority of 44 and offers both free and paid listing. The various business listing sites on this platform segment information by categories, including the business’s name, address, phone number, and other relevant details. Plus, you can add reviews to various businesses. For submission, click the Register Business button and supply a comprehensive business description alongside other pertinent information. Word Of Mouth also has an instant approval process.

Word Mouth Site Directory Home Page

7. PureLocal

PureLocal is suitable for businesses that plan to drive large online viewership and reputed traffic for various businesses. It allows users to find the companies and services they are looking for. You must create an account and provide the relevant business information for listing a business.

Purelocal Screenshot

8. AustralianPlanet

AustralianPlanet allows posting free classified ads, local business directory listings, websites and blogs. This website allows free business listing and simplifies the process, allowing local businesses better visibility.

Australian Planet Search Directory

9. Local Business Guide

The Local Business Guide makes it easy for customers to quickly and easily find what they need, with businesses divided into different categories. It also makes listing your website simple and supports article and press-release submissions.

Localbusiness Guide Screenshot

10. Business Listings

If you want to improve leads for the business, Using local business directories allows for this by providing customised information for potential customers. This free listing site leverages search engines to help your business rank higher on platforms like Google Search, Bing Places, and Yahoo, enhancing search engine rankings, which heightens the probability of your business catching the attention of additional customers.

Australian Business Listing Home

11. Localbd

Another highly effective online business listing directory is Localbd, which has over 100 categories and offers users a wide selection of options to find the right business. You can even list the company on any of the most searchable lists. Click the Add Your Business button to sign up and provide the required business details.

Local Bd Search Directory

12. Fyple

Another business directory with businesses categorised to improve their online presence and regions is Fyple. It offers a free listing of business sites in Australia, and like other options on this list, Fyple requires creating an account to list your business.

Fyple Screenshot

13. Pinkpages

Pinkpages is a great choice if you’re looking for the best Australian business directories online, which is why over 1.6 million businesses utilise them to attract new customers through effective marketing strategies. It offers free listing and instant approval; all you need to do is create an account and provide the relevant business details.

Pink Pages Home Business Directory

14. Mumbrella

Mumbrella has a high domain authority of 66 and offers both paid and free listing of businesses. It is a great option for all types of businesses to use for their digital marketing efforts.

Mumbrella Business Directory

15. True Local

True Local is another option with a high domain authority 62 that has been helping businesses find more and better quality traffic since 2006. It is also used by millions of customers looking for various services and businesses daily. With True Local’s mobile app, you can search for companies on this powerful search engine and conveniently list your own. It even supports adding images and reviews to business listings.

Truelocal Screenshot

16. Sensis

Offering a free listing of websites and coming with a domain rating of 62, Sensis helps your local business grow quickly by providing various services. These include online advice, live chats to resolve multiple issues, and workshops discussing different marketing strategies. Besides helping improve local business visibility, Sensis lets you know about the latest marketing trends.

Sensis Business Directory Information

17. dLook

A free Australian business directory, dLook has many categories and classifies each business into these categories. It currently lists over 1.7 million businesses, and you only need to sign up for an account and provide the necessary details regarding your business to get it listed.

Dlook Preview

18. ZipLocal

ZipLocal offers business owners free listings and consultations on various aspects of digital marketing for various businesses. These include lead-generation techniques, promotional strategies, and others.

Zip Local Business Search Home Page

19. Myhuckleberry

If you want your Australian business to be visible globally, Myhuckleberry is the best platform to get it listed. Unlike other business directories in Australia, this one uses its algorithm to help users connect with the businesses they are looking for. Check for your business in the search section to ensure it is not already listed there.

Australian Myhuckleberry Home Page

20. Aussie Web

Aussie Web is among the revered online business directories catering to Australian enterprises, making finding them easy and accurate for users. This local Australian directory helps businesses connect with thousands of customers and quickly generate leads.

Aussie Web Local Search Online Directory

21. SuperPages

SuperPages is a well-known Australian business directory that offers free and paid listings. It also provides dofollow links for better website ranking. To get started, click on the Free Advertising button and fill out the form provided with the required details.

Super Pages Online Directory

22. Opendi

Those looking for a global business listing site to get their business listed online should check out Opendi, which provides free-of-cost listing. It helps businesses connect with over three million visitors per month, akin to a prominent social media platform, helping them improve their local rankings quickly. Use the Create A New Listing button at the top corner and provide the required information to get started.

Open Di Local Search Directory

23. White Pages

Taking a cue from the traditional yellow pages, White Pages helps various business websites in Australia to get listed online. To list your site, go to the Advertise With Us section and fill in the pop-up form with the required information. Finally, click the Claim My Ad button to complete the submission process.

Whitepages Preview

24. Showmelocal:

Showmelocal is an online business directory (Australia) with a domain rating 50, providing business website listings from Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada. It helps businesses in the local area promote themselves most effectively while also helping customers find the right services and the best deals.

Show Local Business Search

How Do You Plan to List Your Business?

That brings us to the end of our guide on business listing sites in Australia. These were some of the best free and paid Australian local listing sites. The paid ones offer more features and are generally more effective in improving the visibility of your business. But if you are starting or have a small business with a limited budget, then listing your website on a free business directory might be a better option.

In any case, look at all the features of the local business listing sites and compare them with other options before making a final decision. Doing so will help get your business better leads and improve the quality of traffic.

Please reach out to our team if you need assistance with accessible business listing sites, local citation sites, SEO services, or strategies to increase your domain authority. For many years, sitecentre® has been helping small businesses list their sites in Australia, providing exceptional results. From small local services to larger businesses, we can assist you with a free business listing site and writing and managing premium listings. All you need to do is call us!

And with that, it’s time to call the curtains for the day! Until next time.

Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray

Kristi, the proficient head of content production and editing at sitecentre®, joined our Sunshine Coast team in early 2021. With a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from the University of the Sunshine Coast, she utilises her diverse copywriting skills to accelerate the production of top-notch, SEO-friendly content. Her vast experience and deep understanding of the field ensure high-quality output for our partners.

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