What Type Of Backlinks Are Worth More On A Website?

Trying to increase your website’s ranking in Google SERPs with a backlinking strategy? Learn what backlinks you should be prioritising in our guide.

Danny Mahoney

Danny Mahoney — 15 minute read.

Understanding what the types of backlinks, such as guest post bio backlinks, comment backlinks, and press release backlinks, can significantly bolster your website’s search engine rankings. And for your digital marketing to be fruitful, executing a comprehensive link-building strategy in your SEO efforts is imperative. As a result, the linking process heavily impacts how a website ranks on the search engine results pages.

Making Sense Backlink Valuations

DA PA Checker evaluates the authority of a website based on various factors, including the type of linking strategy it follows. The following factors determine the SEO value of a backlink for your website:

  1. The authority and quantity of referring domains are key in assessing the value of link exchanges for enhancing your backlink profile with quality links
  2. Assessing whether a platform, like review sites, offers dofollow or nofollow backlinks is critical when considering them for opportunities with paid backlinks.
  3. Understanding which type of backlinks carries the most value on a page can significantly affect its impact and visibility.

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In this article, you’ll discover which backlink types are valuable for ranking your website high in the SERPs. We will also discuss the importance of building links and how they affect a website’s ranking in search engine results.

Backlinks Work Linking

1. Guest Post Backlinks

Guest blogging involves incorporating links to your website or company with a similar target audience and including back to your website in the guest post to optimise organic search results. You will include one or more links in your guest post when you want to get them, helping you get a link from a web page via a blog post and its pages. Often, bloggers craft well-researched blog posts containing valuable information on a particular topic for external platforms within their specialised niche.

Effect Of Guest Posting on Rank

Google’s algorithm favours obtaining guest blogging backlinks when it includes guest post links offering users valuable information. It helps spread brand awareness about a particular topic or niche by linking to an article that directs visitors from one website.

However, Google’s algorithm can efficiently detect high-volume and low-quality guest posts. Therefore, quality matters more than quantity when considering the various types of backlinks in SEO.

How To Create A Guest Post Link

the main point is to link back without spamming by over-flooding websites with backlinks. The best way to build your authority on Google is to create high-quality, plagiarism-free content and focus on making connections with the right linking site in your niche.

Regular Guest Posting Infographic

2. Natural Blog Commenting

Comment backlinks were once a popular form of backlinking, where website owners would leave blog comments with relevant links on blog posts. Up until 2005, this strategy was heavily followed until Google began implementing nofollow links.

This method utilised forum backlinks by Employing various types of link building and building methods, like embedding a link or inserting anchor text that points to a website within highly ranked blog discussions. This approach, which would only take a min read to identify, soon devolved into a spamming technique, much to the frustration of bloggers and content creators.

Effect of Blog Commenting On Rank

Nowadays, the nofollow attribute is often applied to prevent blog comment links from influencing search ranks, and it’s frequently labelled as a spam-promotion tactic. However, bloggers and webmasters still consider this technique effective as long as the nofollow link and comment are relevant to the content of the article or website.

How to Build A Blog Commenting Backlink

It is as easy as commenting on social media posts. While engaging in blog commenting, utilising an official account to potentially obtain a quality backlink affiliated with your company or website is a strategic move.

This technique will only be effective if you keep the topic’s relevancy in mind while mentioning a link. Do not post unnatural links to sites with spammy backlinks or leave massive comments under blog posts that do not relate to your product or service.

3. Author Bio Backlinking

Published articles represent a writer’s work, so linking the writer’s profile would be a great way to generate organic traffic. Including acknowledgment backlinks such as the author’s profile link in anchor text is a practical yet old blogging technique.

Authors frequently incorporate high-quality backlinks to their personal profiles or websites, particularly after participating in an industry event, at the conclusion of their articles. Additionally, links to affiliated retailers, websites, and social media accounts are often included.

Effects Of Author Bio Backlinking on Rank

Sometimes, webmasters may consider this technique effective at improving user experience. However, the author’s bio attracts organic traffic to the site mentioned in the anchor text. In addition, the author’s bio page must comply with Google’s quality rating guidelines.

How To Build Author Bio Backlink

You can link the author’s bio by featuring it in the anchor text mentioned on a website. However, Google might consider it spammy if the website is not trustworthy. You can further enhance your author’s bio by featuring branded backlinks or using brand anchors for profile sourcing.

4. Editorial Link Building

Editorial links heavily depend on the quality of content featured on a site. These links are taken from sites that produce unique, high-quality content that gives value to users’ queries. And the only way to create such valuable referrals from one website to another is through creating authentic content.

This type of backlink includes creating contextual links to collaborate with relevant content or websites and supporting research for the article. It is a natural and effective method for referring readers to other articles.

Effects Of Editorial Backlinks on Rank

For this linking type, attaining favourable search rankings does not rely solely on the density of keywords or anchor text. According to search engines, making editorial links is healthy for a website.

The distinctiveness and the value of backlinks make this technique highly beneficial for elevating the ranking of a website.

How To Build Editorial Links

Editorial links depend on the quality of each piece of content. Producing unique articles that offer distinct solutions for users’ queries can attract increased traffic.

It would be best if you didn’t resort to buying links for editorials because they don’t have the same value as a naturally placed post intended to attract genuine traffic.

5. Private Blog Network Linking

This consortium of sites provides links to other website owners, generating substantial revenue, with blog networks operating for private purposes. As this technique is achieved through manipulation, it is a risky method of linking with little value in today’s world.

Private Blog Network Understanding

Effects Of PBN Linking On Rank

Due to search engine rules and regulations, this technique is highly inadvisable. This method is not traceable and has always kept marketers in the dark about posting and creating these links.

Google’s algorithms have improved considerably in the last few years to address this issue. It is prohibited to use PBN backlinks, and you may be penalised by Google for doing so.

How To Build PBN Backlinks

This method was once effective in ranking high-earning and prestigious sites. Nowadays, this technique is considered black hat SEO, which carries many risks.

6. Social Media Backlinks

Social media platforms are a strategic avenue to gain backlinks and subsequently drive traffic to your website. The evolution of social media marketing can be attributed to the growing trend of social backlinking and enhanced interaction between users and their online marketplaces. Well-known social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer links to blog posts and web pages.

Social Media Supports Seo

Effects Of Social Media Backlinks On Rank

Google’s assessment does not recognise social media links as part of sanctioned link schemes or strategies. Search engines treat social media platforms like usual web pages but do not consider ranking factors.

From an SEO perspective, backlinks are links that may not directly benefit from social media sharing processes. However, it can help to verify the social media presence of a brand or individual.

How To Build Social Media Backlinks

Social media types of backlinks are considered no-follow links, labelled as user-generated content. However, bloggers or web admins can use social media platforms to extend their reach to generate more traffic.

On social media websites, audiences can find links to relevant trending tags that will lead them to their source. Usually employed by eCommerce stores, it’s an indirect yet highly effective digital marketing method.

7. Auto Backlink Generation

Automated tools are sometimes used to acquire backlinks, but this approach is against Google’s webmaster guidelines and can result in penalties, which assigns a bot to do the work. The bots target specific websites using anchor texts and comment links, which are generally considered spam.

Effect Of Auto Backlink Generation On Rank

It contravenes Google’s webmaster guidelines to generate backlinks through automation, a technique that can adversely impact your website’s ranking.

Initially, one might be able to gain rankings with these links. However, once the search engine discovers they are auto-generated, it might attribute them to link scheming, and all your efforts will go to waste.

How To Build Auto Backlinks

You can utilise SEO tools to generate backlinks automatically. Google deems such generated links low-quality or irrelevant, tagging them as spammy; hence, their usage is highly discouraged.

8. PR Linking

A press release is an official statement released by a reputable company, and including backlinks in press releases can contribute to a website’s linking strategy. Such announcements are instrumental as a strategic measure to earn backlinks and capture the focus of SEO marketers.

Link builders utilise the credibility of authoritative sites by leveraging their publications and the concept of link juice to enhance the ranking potential of the linked sites.

Effect Of PR linking On Rank

Currently, PR links are marked as no-follow links by search engine algorithms. Google’s algorithm typically ignores links in press releases and does not consider PR links natural because businesses often release them.

How To Build PR Backlinks

For organisations to release announcements and updates, Press release links can contribute to your ambition to rank higher in search engine results. It is still possible to indirectly gain traffic by mentioning publication as part of your site’s source.

9. Directory Page Linking

Industry directories, such as specific directories for a particular industry or niche, can be helpful in obtaining relevant backlinks for your website. The information in these catalogues is used to develop an authentic background for the types of backlinks. Instead of focusing on quantity, this method should aim for high quality rather than the relevance or quality of the backlinks, including irrelevant directory links. An example of this is hipages or yellow pages.

Directory Submission Process

Effect of Directory Page Linking on Rank

Website directories have verified and authentic data to help you find websites and online businesses. When searching, ensure you are targeting relevant directories to avoid wasting time.

How To Build Directory Page Links

Any high-quality website, blog, or article can get featured among these directories. You can use these free tool backlinks from web directories of authoritative websites to secure backlinks from high authority websites in large numbers.

These addresses, however, fall into the unnatural linking category. Mentioning these links might harm your website ranking instead of improving it depending on the directory, which is not a progressive step. So, there is a lot you need to know before engaging in this tactic.

10. Infographics Link

Infographics are a creative way to educate an audience about a specific topic or niche while incorporating outbound links to relevant sources or websites. This technique involves the graphical representation of research or data featured with some text to support its context.

Sharing infographics on social media or a blog that includes a link to your website can generate traffic on your platform.


Effect Of Infographics Linking On Rank

Infographics are an essential component of any quality website. Search engines appreciate a high-quality infographic and a link to educate the user.

However, spammers may abuse this technique, ruining the purpose of creating high-quality and informative websites.

How To Build Infographics Backlinks

To construct quality infographics links, you must create quality and educational images. The most critical aspects of developing infographics are the design, data presentation, and relevance of that information to the topic.

These visuals uniquely embed a backlink to your website, steering the user towards your online content. This technique does not centre around high-quality content, affecting anchor text positively and aiding in maintaining the keyword density across the content.

Although it’s vital to ensure that infographics embedded with the link are relevant to the topic, the featured link should also contain content pertinent to the page.

11. Website Footer Linking

Typically, these links appear in a web page’s footer, consistent throughout the website. Many SEO experts embed keyword-rich text into the bottom of the page as part of their strategy.

However, as they say, excess of anything is terrible, and excessive use of this technique can be considered spam.

Website Footer Links

Effect of Website Footer Linking on Rank

Site-wide footer links are considered no-follow links according to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Since they are not earned or developed, these links may not benefit the ranking of a website.

Instead, they are just acquired for ranking purposes. However, tagging these links as no-follow under the unnatural linking scheme will not penalise your website.

How To Build A Website Footer Link

You can link your footer text to another site or your own using branded anchor text instead of rich text.

12. Free Service Linking

Everyone loves to avail of a service that’s available for free. Featuring a link to your site on another site by offering a free tool or service is another way of generating traffic on your platform. These tools don’t have to be very complicated.

Effect Of Service Linking On Rank

One can offer free service-based tools like tax calculators or paraphrasing tools—another way to provide a basic version of any paid device. Websites may link with the content of the agency if they are valuable in providing solutions.

This sort of dofollow link would be considered natural and advantageous for generating traffic for your website. According to Google link scheming, this process will generate dofollow backlinks that are valuable for SEO.

How To Build Free Service Links

The development of such a link may take some time. One might want to use a simple utility or web-based application as a down-scaled version of a paid tool. Target the websites with content relevant to this tool, as they might be interested in featuring your Service on their site for free.

13. Sidebar Links

Sidebar links are featured on each website page and are popular for grabbing users’ attention. Since these links appear on every page, more clicks redirect them to your website.

Effect of Sidebar Linking On Rank

This technique appears to be effective for generating traffic. However, search engine policies classify this method of linking as spam, which classifies this technique as an unnatural way of connecting. Search engines like Google may reach out to penalise websites featuring such links.

How To Build Sidebar Links

Sidebar links are also known as site-wide links. These backlinks come featured as rich anchor text or pasted naked as a source of information to follow. However, this technique is not very effective in improving search engine visibility.

14. Brand Backlinks

A good practice to build backlinks is by giving value to other sites via branded images. Badge backlinks, like a brand’s badge of achievement that a brand creates for other websites to state a status symbol among other competitors.

Effect Of Brand Backlinks On Rank

Like the infographic’s technique, such as brand backlinks can significantly boost your referral traffic. A website can feature a list of top platforms and assign a badge based on various attributes. The link embedded with the badge logo may lead users to our website.

How To Build Brand Backlinks

One can always look for competition among websites or products that rank worthy to attain a badge. List these sites and assign each one a badge for it. The given badge should include a link to our website.

Different Linking Strategies To Improve Your Rank

Diverse link-building strategies rank among the most effective building efforts for enhancing website optimisation and performance metrics.

The best methods for generating better traffic are guest blogging, editorial linking, infographic backlinks, and free service linking.

sitecentre® can guide you on strategically building links that improve your SEO. With our help, you can build a campaign to build organic traffic to your website. Please get in touch with us for assistance.

Danny Mahoney

Danny Mahoney

As the accomplished head of web design at sitecentre®, Danny boasts an impressive career of 20+ years in web design and digital marketing. He employs a highly effective approach, harnessing user-behaviour metrics to enhance UX/UI to fuel conversion rates. Danny’s unique skill set allows him to deliver award-winning websites to SMBs at an unrivalled pace while maintaining superior results. His unique skills and vast experience make Danny a powerhouse in the industry.

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