Why SEO Should Be Your Priority

Wondering why SEO should be a priority for your website? Read our guide for all the answers on the importance of SEO. sitecentre breaks down the most important factors in 2021.

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A term that is often thrown around in the digital space is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why Seo Should Be Your Priority

Based on several factors like quality and quantity of traffic, and organic search results, SEO increases the number of hits on a website. The approach should be to have high-quality content that people will find useful and help solve their doubts.

Once you have organic traffic, the website’s ranking will improve, taking it higher up the charts. This means that users value your content, ensuring that your SEO strategy is spot on.

Organic Vs Paid Inbound Clicks

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of search engine optimisation and why it’s a top priority in digital marketing. In the guide, we’ll look at all aspects: keyword research, online visibility, and advertising, to help consumers achieve success in the marketing industry. So, let’s get into it!

Seo Statistic Marketers Focus On Seo

Search Engine Optimization 101

SEO helps design, develop, and organise online content, making it easier for the target audience to engage with you. In other words, search engines pick up keywords and links available on posts to increase traffic, directing users to your website. This helps improve rankings, which is critical to succeeding in the digital marketing industry.

When users type anything into the google search engine, it uses a crawler to find all relevant information related to the query. The crawler brings back information through 1s and 0s, thereby creating an index, which goes into an algorithm, matching the data to the query.

The Circle Of Seo Factors

Types Of Content

You can choose to have different types of content on your website, be it blog posts, long articles, or product reviews. More than the content, it’s the quality that is critical to success, ensuring consumers get the relevant information with a single click.

Different Types Of Content Graphic

But this is easier said than done, which is why most customers seek help with their SEO strategies. It’s important to build your website step by step so that it’s always at the top of the rankings.

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Understanding SEO Strategy

SEO is more than just assigning random links and keywords to the post and hoping that the google search engine will pick them up. There’s something called online visibility that’s only possible if the audience gets value for spending time on your website. Long story short, it’s like building a puzzle by joining the different pieces.

Thanks to our extensive research, we’ll help develop a strategy that matches important keywords to the post. This means search engines like google will find it easier to understand the crux of the content, matching it to the relevant queries.

So, the SEO strategy should ensure that you can design the website just as you want, creating content that generates more online traffic. Once the website establishes a foothold in the digital marketing industry, we’ll provide a better idea about how to improve your reach.

More of that in the following section.

Curating User-Specific SEO Strategy

Our approach towards your website will be different from that of others. So, it’s vital to build SEO strategies focusing on content and your individual needs. You must keep in mind that everyone optimises their webpage differently to stay ahead of other digital developers in the ranking. In other words, SEO helps your content stand out.

SEO also allows you to examine the marketing industry, review online traffic, and curate your content to give the audience what they are looking for.

Prioritising SEO

To ensure that your content holds value for consumers, we recommend following three simple steps for effective SEO prioritising.

1. Seasonality

Let’s start with seasonality, where we help organise your website’s content according to the calendar. For instance, by focusing on consumer trends across the year, we can find out when the interest for a product reaches its peak. You can then curate the product content beforehand, ensuring that search engines like Google have enough time to increase your ranking.

Understanding Your Audience Media

2. Implementing Resources

One of the main reasons for success is the proper implementation of resources. Irrespective of the marketing strategy, if you don’t have the means to develop and improve the content, it will be challenging to generate online traffic.

In case of a backlog or code freeze looming around the corner, the implementation of SEO recommendations is likely to have the most impact.

3. Conversion Potential

For effective conversion of keywords, factor in the PPC data. This allows you to target high-converting keywords, bringing in more online traffic with help from paid campaigns like advertising.

Also, use effective data visualisation tools that provide a platform for merging Google Ads conversion data with organic ranking data.

Importance Of SEO

Now that we’ve told you how to prioritise SEO, we’ll explain why it’s important. So, you can note down the following points to better understand SEO priority.

1. Trust Building

Apart from keyword priority, link building, and blogs, another important facet of SEO is trust-building. To give an example, the top websites have a click-through rate that’s significantly higher than other web pages. This shows the importance of quality content, meaning users keep coming back for more.

With simple SEO practices, you may increase the credibility of your website.

2. Magnifying Visibility

To stay at the top, you need to ensure that your website stands apart from its competitors. So, help users share their content by branding the business to create better connections. If you have a unique marketing idea, ensure that it reaches the masses through SEO.

There is no point in keeping a wonderful idea to yourself because it doesn’t hold any value unless people know about it. So, increase your online visibility via blog posts, long articles, or social media presence.

3. Getting New Customers

Reaching the top often leads to a false sense of accomplishment, and before you know it, the webpage comes crashing down. You can avoid this by getting new customers to sign-up for the website.

All top sites have a sign-up option to maintain their stronghold, increasing the online potential of their content. By getting new customers to register for your content, you’ll most likely find a spot among the top 10 web pages.

So, it would be best to have a sign-in option at the end of the first page for greater outreach.

4. Affordability

Another advantage related to SEO is its low cost and long-lasting return on investment. Rather than PPC, we suggest you discuss SEO opportunities with our experts to meet your marketing goals.

SEO takes time so you need to be patient but rest assured as it guarantees results in the long run.

Long Term Roi Of Seo Campaigns

Role Of Social Media

Prioritise your marketing needs for a better user experience on social media platforms. You’ll need to analyse which keyword works best, creating links related to the Google search query, and sharing the content on social media.

People browsing through Facebook and other sites will come across your content, guaranteeing more exposure.

People Buy From Brands They Follow On Socials

Link-Building Between SEO And Business

Creating a successful business is based on a partnership; that’s why you need to focus on link-building between your business and SEO. Be it manufacturing, retail, or healthcare; it’s essential to create a website using SEO tools.

When starting a business, you must consider the pros and cons, as you can’t control everything. But SEO helps bridge that gap to an extent, ensuring that you can manage your online ranking.

Website optimisation directs more traffic to your web page. And by analysing the data, you’ll get to know how many people are visiting the site daily. What’s more, you can curate the content to generate more leads and online sales that directly contribute to your business’s economy.

The aim should be to work together with your business, ensuring that it continues to grow and prosper. And by having a viable and flexible SEO strategy, your business will maintain its hold in the market, resulting in greater income generation.

Staying Safe

Having said that, you need to also consider the legal aspects associated with the business to avoid Google penalties. In such cases, it’s better to hire a professional agency that will take you through the pitfalls, protecting you from making mistakes.

Once the business takes off, it reduces the need to produce manual links. Rather, automatic link generation will take the business forward. Hence, all you need to do is work hard at SEO by ensuring unique and quality content.

The Importance of SEO

That’s all there is to know about SEO. As mentioned, you need to put in the hard hours and believe that your business can succeed. There are more chances of your business flourishing with an SEO strategy in place than without it.

Also, stay updated about the latest developments to come up with a plan of action. Think about the kind of content you want to produce and how to attract more users to the website.

Remember, you can reach out to us anytime for any questions regarding your SEO strategy and website. We are here to help!

Photo of Kristi Ray

Kristi Ray

Kristi is head of content production and editing at sitecentre and joined the team in early 2021 based out of our Sunshine Coast office to deliver higher-quality content to our partners. Kristi has a vast knowledge of copywriting styles and experience to accelerate the production of SEO friendly content at the highest levels.

Find them on their website: sitecentre and LinkedIn.

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