Why Brochures Are Still Relevant

Brochures have always been an invaluable asset to a B2B business. In 2021, the trend for digital assets has continued to grow, but brochures still remain relevant, and here is why.

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Danny Mahoney

The term brochure perhaps reminds you of a long-gone era where these pamphlets were distributed far and wide to draw customers to your business.

There was a time when printed brochures were the most effective marketing tool. However, with the advent of social media and SEO, brochures took a backseat and were replaced by engaging website content.

Why Brochures Are Still Relevant

However, they are still viewed as a unique and reliable marketing tool that can create buzz and popularise a company. With their crisp and modern design, they eliminate chances of users being distracted by pop-up ads and can serve as an ice-breaker between your team and new clients.

If, as a business owner, you are wondering how brochures have retained their relevance, we’ll tell you all about it. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

What Are Brochures?

Before moving on to anything else, we think it’s only right to briefly define what brochures exactly are.

Brochures are cost-effective advertising tools that help market your products and services. They spike the interest of potential customers, especially for new businesses that work on a small budget.

Large companies rely on print media and paid online ad campaigns for marketing their content and attracting customers, but as you might already know, these are costly. A brochure can attract your target audience and help you gain a foothold in the digital marketing world at a very nominal price.

While websites have their advantages, a brochure (especially a physical brochure) allows potential clients to assess your offerings and servicesat their own pace, without the influence of other web-based disturbances. Vivid and focused handouts impress the customer and compel them to check out your business.

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Types Of Brochures

Before we talk about how relevant brochures are in the current brand marketing scenario, it’s essential to know about the two brochure categories.

1. Printed Brochures

You might be curious to know why printed brochures are still crucial for your digital marketing efforts. This is because these brochures are among the most tangible and persuasive forms of advertising.

They can be distributed at trade shows, during professional conferences, or simply placed in the office reception area for potential customers. Companies can also experiment with design choices and have catchy logos printed on them.

The printed brochures will serve as a reminder of your brand. Also, including your contact information on them can make it easier for potential customers to call and inquire about your service and company.

Brochure Design Preview Example

2. Online Brochures

Online brochures serve the same purpose as traditional ones, but the only difference is that they aren’t in a physical form. Since these are directly linked to your website, customers can easily access blog posts and other content present on your website. As a result, they can discover all the details about your business or service.

Thus, digital brochures are an exciting way to appeal to customers, attract them to your business and boost sales. Since clients can access your publication from their phone or computer, you don’t have to waste paper or go through the hassle of printing and distributing flyers.

In addition, you don’t have to compromise on print quality since the brochure is on-screen. There are many free software programs online that allow you to design your e-brochure. So, create descriptive and professional-looking content that appeals to your target audience and proves beneficial for your business.

Benefits Of A Responsive Digital Brochure

Why Brochures Are Still Important?

A lot of business owners are sceptical about the importance of brochures in the digital world. However, marketing strategists firmly believe that brochures are one of the most effective tools to sell your products and services.

This section will discuss all the reasons brochures are still important business documents that improve your brand’s visibility. So, let’s take a look.

1. Add Value To The Business

When it comes to tangible marketing materials, nothing beats the efficacy of a printed brochure. Although brochures have been around for ages, they haven’t lost their importance, thanks to their ease of production and simplicity.

Brochures allow your team to make your branding unique and add value to the business. They can do this by adding brand logos and exciting designs to the content. Compared to a website that needs to be constantly updated, brochures retain their value even after being published.

So, the content on the brochure should be exclusive, credible, and convey all the information related to the business. Besides, it should communicate the exact message that you wish to deliver to your target audience. As per research, 98% of marketers believe adding a personal touch can establish better relationships between brands and their customers.

With digital printing, developing a brochure has become much more accessible and cost-effective.

2. Helps Establish Authority

We think you already know all the benefits of online ads, but several new companies stop with that. To establish your authority as a business, you must use a potent marketing tool, and a brochure is just that. It sends a coherent message to your target customers - you are an established business that has invested in its branding.

Another important aspect of improving your branding and establishing authority is choosing a suitable design for your brochures. You can also print your logo on them to add authenticity. So, don’t skimp on any of these aspects.

3. Helps Businesses In Networking

Brochures are easily distributed and are among the best and most cost-effective networking tools.

Unlike banners, enormous posters, or complicated documents, a brochure is simply a document that can travel many places. The design and logo you choose help display your creativity and compel potential clients to check out the quality of your goods and services.

Besides helping to establish authority, a brochure lets your business connect with the customers, send them a message and showcase your identity as a business.

Importance Of Business Networking

4. Versatile

Perhaps the best part about a brochure is that when compared to other mediums, it has a vast distribution channel. Customers don’t even have to go online to access your content - they can receive all the news about your establishment through email, newspapers, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and even malls.

Distribution Channels Infographic

Even if you are dealing with avid online shoppers, you can simply throw in a brochure inside their next packaged order and keep them posted about your company’s latest products and offerings.

Are Brochures Still Relevant?

Coming back to the central question - are brochures still relevant? Yes, they absolutely are.

They establish a clear communication channel between companies and their target audience without a screen in between them. A brochure is a powerful marketing tool that provides a comprehensive overview of your brand and its services.

It is still the preferred marketing choice to connect with specific demographics who might enjoy the nostalgia of old marketing techniques that focused on writing and design over website clicks.

Compared to online sites, where users can check out the posted content at their will, a good-quality brochure will be a constant reminder of your business. It will intrigue potential buyers - no matter the demography.

In conclusion, we can view brochure materials as an indicator of a successful and credible business establishment.

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Danny Mahoney

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