SEO For Tradies

Are you a tradesperson trying to determine whether you need SEO? Read our guide to know about some basic SEO concepts and tools that tradies should know.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard — 15 minute read.

Are you a tradie wondering how you can find new potential clients through a digital strategy?

We live in an era where a good digital marketing strategy can fetch you the right clients. However, you must be implementing the right tactics and tools. For this reason, SEO for tradies is essential.

With a spurt in tradie businesses and professionals, digital marketing solutions have become more complex and innovative. Your competitors might be utilising SEO strategies to boost their business. So, if you don’t match up to that, your business may suffer a loss.

Seo Tradies

But don’t panic because there’s no need for you to start learning just yet. SEO is a complicated concept and takes ages to decipher, analyse, and master. It’s best to leave it to an SEO agency that offers professional SEO services.

However, if you want to know about some basic SEO strategy concepts that every tradie should know, read on!

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What Is SEO for Tradies?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, you’ve likely run into the term if you’ve been looking into building your online presence, scaling your business, or talking to other tradespeople who have been doing pretty well for themselves.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, means customising web content to make it more visible on search engines. Implementing SEO tactics is no easy feat, and professionals, too, need weeks of strategising and brainstorming to master it.

Talkbitz Seo

Search engine optimisation is a broad umbrella term for various strategies within its ambit. Majorly, either on-page SEO or off-page SEO is practised. On-page SEO means micro focusing on one’s website and devising strategies to boost its ranking. On the other hand, off-page SEO macro focuses on the industry and optimises the website through external platforms and agencies.

Woorank Page Offpage Seo

Local SEO is another kind of search engine optimisation that uses tricks to improve website visibility on Google and similar search engines. However, local SEO is especially adept at helping the website rank higher on Google for people looking for specific products or services in the local area.

Local SEO will help your website rank higher and pop up right at the top of a Google search when it comes to trade companies. In other words, if someone is looking for an electrician, a plumber, or a mechanic, your website will be one of the first few to appear.

We have further breakdowns for:

Do I Need SEO as a Tradie?

It is important to understand how SEO works and what the elements in it are in order to understand why it is so important. A crucial function of SEO is that it increases the visibility of your website, resulting in more traffic and more chances of converting prospects.

Getting a trade website to the top of the search list is no easy job. You’re likely to find that many of the first few search results put considerable effort. In addition to that, a considerable amount of time and money also goes into designing an SEO-friendly website.

Most professional company leaders who want their website to shine through ensure that it is well-designed and functional and has a good user interface. An SEO agency will efficiently design strategies to help your tradie website rank higher and thus, draw in more clients. Meaning from a quick Google search, customers can find your website, Google My Business profile and other relevant listings.

Local SEO is key to ranking high in the real world and Google. Keep in mind that top tradespersons and business owners have already invested in SEO, which is why they are where they are!

Local SEO is a fundamental criterion for running a trade business since most of us tend to visit websites at the top. We’d be lying if we said we have the patience to keep scrolling!

Benefits Of SEO For Tradies

1. Higher Google Ranking

Well-optimised content on a user-friendly website is something all brands aspire to have. SEO helps your content become visible on Google, from small businesses to large corporations, by improving your website’s ranking.

2. More Clients

If many people notice your website, the odds are that you’ll be getting more clients too. Local SEO is an excellent way to ensure this. In most cases, a tradesperson’s customer base is local, so a constant influx of consistent leads from potential customers is an essential ingredient to success.

3. Growth In Income And Reputation

A direct result of having more clients is a boost in income. Plus, a growing clientele is a good indication of a successful business, which will mean more five-star reviews! Apart from this, companies with a large customer base make people trust them more.

Factors Affecting SEO

SEO is a reasonably broad term and encompasses a lot of different strategies and components within it. However, some primary factors impact SEO, and when you’ve just begun working with it, these are the most crucial in ensuring the website’s success.

1. Links

Since links are the building blocks of the internet, it’s no wonder that they are also the key to improving one’s ranking on search engines. So, your focus should be on improving the links on your website since that leads to smoother navigation and an enhanced user experience.

Once this is done, you must focus on outbound and inbound links. Both of them increase the authority of a website and add to the quality of the backlinks.

Orbit Media Internal Linking

2. Age Of The Domain, Authority Level, And URLs

An old, well-established website is likely to rank higher when one runs a Google search regarding its content. In this regard, new website owners are at a slight disadvantage. However, you can tide through this by using a URL that accurately reflects the website’s contents.

So, keep your URL name as the website’s name instead of choosing something complicated or trying to use a keyword. Apart from this, use services like Moz Link Explorer to calculate your website’s domain authority on a scale of 100.

The concept of age comes down to a couple of factors from search engines; the older the domain, the older the business and the more likely that business is to be trustworthy and authoritative. If you don’t have website age, no matter how much you optimise your website, search engines like Google won’t rank you higher, but it will have long term results.

In this case, other options for marketing your trades business could be Google Ads, magnets or cold-calling that can generate great results in the short term.

Domain Authority Works

3. Technical SEO

A website isn’t just the content we can see and read; it also includes complicated code instrumental to its functionality, such as meta tags. So, including optimised meta descriptions, alt image tags, and headings is essential. Effective technical SEO isn’t visible to a website visitor, but search engine bots will lap it up and boost the website’s ranking.

Technical Seo Breakdown

4. Optimised Content

Content is one of the driving forces behind a tradie business, and thus, its quality makes a significant impact on tradie SEO. If the content on your website incorporates keywords and, additionally, is original and of top-notch quality, then Google and other search engines will love it.

Your content should be relevant to one’s audience, skimmable, uncomplicated, and have organically-incorporated keywords. If you aim to bag a top-ten spot for your website, ensure that the content isn’t plagiarised or inundated by keyword stuffing.

Content expands beyond just service or suburb pages; having an up to date blog and having a blog post published frequently can help build topical authority around your brand.

5. Social Shares

Like it or not, we live in a world of social media, and it has a significant impact on one’s business and growth. Though shares on social media platforms don’t directly impact ranking in search results, they do be helpful in other ways.

Firstly, social media shares are directly proportional to backlinks, so more shares mean more backlinks. Secondly, social shares contribute to website traffic, and search engines pick up this increase in traffic. Lastly, sharable content means more people talking about your business and, subsequently, more customers.

Posting on a daily basis can help your brand’s reputation and trust; this has a positive effect on your SEO, a great way to find ideas to post about is by doing research into other tradies and what they are posting. Social media can be time-consuming, but there are plenty of automation tools to schedule posts to help save time.

6. User Experience

RankBrain is a virtual AI that Google uses to rank websites. RankBrain considers many factors, one of them being the click-through rate which indicates the number of visitors. It also considers aspects like dwell time (amount of time people spend on the site) and bounce rate (time taken to exit the site.)

As one can infer, a low click-through rate and a high bounce rate denote poor user experience and will lead to a lower website ranking.

Google has mentioned many times that user experience is a ranking factor in 2022 and will continue to be into the future.

7. Accessibility And Security

Search engines like sites that are safe and accessible and rate secure websites higher. Search engine algorithms are more likely to understand your site if your website has flawless code accompanied by a sitemap. We also suggest obtaining an SSL security certificate since that helps boost ranking.

Ssl Certificate Types

8. Real Business Information

Being a tradie, you’re probably looking to target local clients since they have the best odds of hiring your business. Your business information must be easily accessible since that will help your website rank higher. We suggest setting up a Facebook page and a listing on Google My Business for this purpose.

You can also create review profiles on Trustpilot and Yelp and ensure that your contact information is listed.

Great ways to show real business information could be things like:

  • Adding Google Maps to your business website.
  • Making your location and physical or postal address easily accessible.
  • Clear and visible contact details that show you’re a local tradie.
  • Using a local area code phone number.
  • Highlighting the services you offer.

9. Mobile-Friendly Website

Barely anyone browses things on their laptop, and most people use smartphones to Google stuff or order items. Google ranks websites on their reactivity to mobile internet users, so it will rank lower if your website is not optimised for mobile devices.

We recommend using bigger font sizes, having accessible menus, and a functional customer support system to make your website mobile-friendly.

10. Page Speed

We live in a fast-paced world, and any website that takes more than five seconds to load is already a disaster, even if it is entirely SEO-optimised. Slow loading leads to a lousy customer experience, reflected in the site’s ranking on Google.

If you have a laggy website, fix it as soon as possible. You can do so by using smaller-sized images, eliminating complex code, or reducing the number of options available on the website.

Tips to improve your website speed:

  • Image Optimisation
  • Compress assets such as CSS and JavaScript
  • Proper caching methods

Important Tools For SEO

As a tradie, you know how important it is to have the right tool on hand for a job to be well-done. In much the same way marketing for tradies requires the right tools, SEO provides you with the right tools to run your business and draw clients. It helps your business gain traction and makes you money by helping generate phone calls. These are a few of the best tools for tradies to get the most out of any SEO:

1. Google Search Console

According to Google, this helps you gain insight into how Google functions since it tells you exactly how well-rated your website is. The best part about using the Google Search Console is that it is entirely free to use!

Google Search Console Preview

2. Google Ads Keyword Planner

This is yet another free tool that helps one identify keywords that might be useful to you. Google Ads Keyword Planner also shows the user how many people look up that particular word. If keywords are incorporated into the content, you publish on your website, the site may start ranking higher on Google. Utilise this tool to determine search volume and keyword research.

3. Google Trends

Here is another handy Google tool for keyword research that can help take your business to new heights! It’s essentially a checking tool that helps collate information on trends and specific keywords. This might sound simple, but it is indispensable since it figures out what is “trending” at the moment.

Plumber Sydney Google Trends

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that is widely used for optimising websites. Not only does it help to formulate new strategies for boosting one’s brand, but it also helps analyse the performance of previously-conducted SEO.

Pool Google Analytics

5. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool pores over the structured data contained in your website and identifies any potential issues. In addition to that, it also compares the data collected with that of competitors.

6. Google Disavow Tool

Although this is by no means an industry standard, it is still beneficial for SEO. In case you’ve gotten penalties owing to bad links, this tool not only disavows them but also obliterates them from your record.

7. Ahrefs

Another highly-recommended tool, this one features a site SEO audit option that gives you feedback on things that you must work on. Apart from that, it can also fish for broken links and provide a glimpse of the competition.

Ahref Fixed Today Plumbing

8. SEM Tools For Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft has its roster of SEO tools that tweak web content to make it rank higher and enhance the website’s overall performance. Among its many tools are recommendation tabs, keyword planners, and tools focusing on advertising.

9. Moz Pro

A tool popular among SEO experts, Moz Pro, conducts site audits that display strategic loopholes within the website. It recommends keywords, too, for content optimisation.

It comes with its custom toolbar that constantly updates website statistics as one browses the web.

10. SEMrush

SEMrush is massively popular among SEO experts due to its excellent comparison tools. It gives recommendations on website optimisation and helps assess the present ranking of one’s website compared to competitor sites.

11. Majestic

Brimming with valuable features, Majestic provides an excellent overview of the number of backlinks on a site and how you can improve them. It also helps identify keywords that can boost the website ranking and compares one’s website to that of the competition.

12. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a brilliant option if you’re short on time while doing SEO. It conducts ultra-fast site audits and lets website owners know about any misdirections, duplicate content, and scope for improving practical optimisation and link-building.

13. BuzzSumo

This provides an SEO tool that undertakes in-depth research into what is currently popular in your niche or industry. It has a free version in addition to a paid one, though the unpaid one imparts slightly reduced functionality. Nevertheless, the average business can still get a lot out of the free version, so we highly recommend it.

14. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a tool used by Google to monitor the speed and overall performance of a page. It is an open-source tool that sees how well your webpage stacks up against similar ones.

Seo Statistics

15. Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights is what you get if you add the Field Data tool to Lighthouse. This tool helps the user analyse the page’s performance at any location. Most pages include data; thus, this is a handy tool.

16. Wayback Machine

This tool allows the user to go back and view past website versions like a time machine. This method is an excellent way to find old content to revamp and rediscover forgotten links.

17. Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers free DDoS protection and tools that help increase the site’s speed. Thus, it increases the site efficiency and offers free virtual protection.

Digital Marketing & Tradie SEO

SEO kickstarts a domino effect, which ultimately leads to more money and success for you. In today’s competitive world, performing an online marketing strategy won’t be enough to outdo the competition. SEO is the not-so-secret ingredient that will give your website the kick it needs to make it stand out from the rest.

The tools we mentioned on our list are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other tools, some general and some specific, and one must figure out what is best for their business and use those. Remember to focus on local SEO and your Google My Business when first starting. Keep in mind that implementing SEO takes strategising, perseverance, and patience.

We recommend hiring a good SEO agency to help with website optimisation. The sheer amount of work needed for SEO can make it impossible for trades business owners to carry it out themselves.

Get more customers online and perform better in search results by speaking to the sitecentre® team. Our SEO experts can develop an SEO strategy for your tradie business that will attract quality leads, meaning more conversions. We can also help you create an effective business listing and website. We support trade businesses to get to the top of Google results!

With this, we’ve reached the end of our guide. Until next time!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey is the CEO of sitecentre® and a data analyst in the SEO, Paid advertising space that uses machine learning and AI to advance sitecentre® as an industry-leading digital marketing agency across Australia.

Find them on their website: sitecentre®, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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