Google Ads For Tradies

Planning to use the Google Ads platform for your trade? We’ve brought you an excellent guide covering all the important aspects of the process.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard — 12 minute read.

Google Ads is undoubtedly among the most powerful digital marketing tools available today for any business owner.

Offering several powerful features, it allows your business to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently and can be utilised by almost any individual or company. However, proper knowledge of the platform is essential to make the best use of Google Ads.

Google Ads Tradies

You need to know whether the platform is suitable for your trade, how to set up an account, and how to customise it, among other things. Also, the success of any Google Ads campaign depends upon the effort and time invested into it.

So we developed this guide to show tradespeople how to effectively use Google Ads across a wide range of industries. It focuses on the various aspects you need to pay attention to, including setting up the campaign and the different metrics to monitor.

So, let’s begin!

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Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads, or Google Adwords, as it was formerly known, has been around for over two decades and has grown into one of the most popular pay-per-click advertising platforms today. It allows individuals and businesses to place ads for their products and services in search engine results and smartphone applications to reach their target audience.

These results appear at the top of organic Google search results and are paid for by their respective businesses. However, running Google Ads can be pretty challenging for tradies, as there are many competitors in every segment, be it builders, electricians, plumbers, or others.

A powerful platform like this is ideal for certain tradespeople but deemed ineffective for others. So, let’s look at some factors that determine whether you should use Google Ads for your trade.

Google Search Plumber

Factors That Determine The Suitability Of Google Ads

1. Budget

It is no secret that Google Ads is a costly tool, as it involves paying Google to display ads for your business or trade in its search results. It is most suitable for people and companies with sufficient budgets to use the platform.

Additionally, there is no standard pricing as each Google Ads campaign depends upon several factors, such as the current trends, the business industry, and more. So, deciding on a budget is not a simple task either.

2. The Time Required To Get Results

The majority of online tools and technologies available for promoting and marketing activities require some time before you get results. While Google Ads works faster than many of these tools, depending upon your trade, it can still take some time until you get actual results.

First, Google needs to approve the ad you want to place and then collect vital data regarding your business. Businesses and individuals willing to wait for such periods can make the best use of Google Ads.

3. Target Customer Data

Another crucial consideration is the target customer data. If you have conducted proper research and know what your target customers are looking for, you can easily customise the Google Ads strategy to get quick results.

On the other hand, if a business lacks the required data about its target customers’ requirements, it will be unable to devise a strategy for running Google Ads. Ads are meant to target paying customers, after all.

Defining Target Audience

4. Knowledge Of Various Digital Marketing Tools And Techniques

Google Ads and Google Display Network are most effective when combined with other digital marketing methods, meaning businesses familiar with those techniques can achieve better results with Google Ads. You can customise and adjust your online marketing strategy to incorporate multiple tools that work harmoniously towards achieving your goals.

You need to be aware of the different digital marketing tools to complement your Google Ads campaigns.

With these factors in mind, it’ll be easier to determine the suitability and effectiveness of Google Ads for tradies. However, before setting up your Google account, it is good to learn how a tradie business can utilise this platform effectively.

How Does Google Ads For Tradies Work?

Google Ads works on a disguised auction model, wherein each advertiser, or tradesperson, in this case, bids on the amount they are willing to pay for clicks on a keyword. For this purpose, tradies, including electricians, plumbers, roofers, tilers and others, need to use specific keywords for creating their ads. These phrases are the ones that will trigger the ads when people search for such services using them.

A tradie business might use phrases such as “plumber Sydney” or “electrician Melbourne” for its ads. Google constantly monitors the terms used by those looking for such services and adds these phrases to its database. It also considers how often these phrases and terms are used for such searches.

Depending on how popular these terms are with advertisers, the search giant assigns them a dollar value in the auction. The more popular it is, the more expensive it will be to bid for it. After advertisers submit their bids, Google’s algorithm compares the relevancy of the results and the bid amount to rank them.

Now that you know how the Google Ads platform functions, it is time to learn how to create a Google Ads account for tradies.

Setting Up A Google Ads Account

Setting Campaign Google Ads

To set up a Google Ads account, visit the Google Ads page and sign in with the email address you want to use. Then, enter the website address for the business you wish to promote using Google Ads. Once you’ve signed in, enter the appropriate budget to set up the first campaign.

Setting up the campaign will also involve selecting an audience depending on various keywords, location, and other factors. You will need to create a bid, the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on the ad. After that, write up your ad and set up Google Ads billing.

With this process complete, you can review it and make any changes required. When you are satisfied with the ad, click on the confirm button. Once the ad becomes active, the next step is to learn how to calculate the return on the amount spent on Google Ads.

Calculating The Return On Ad Spending

Careful monitoring is crucial to prevent your Google Ads budget from overshooting the returns. The amount you are willing to pay will determine your ad rank and whether the ad shows up in users’ Google search results.

Fortunately, Google Ads pricing is flexible and depends on several factors, such as competitors’ bids, your location, target audience, industry, location, keywords, and more. Cost per click, commonly referred to as CPC, is based on your potential value to the target audience.

Tradies in industries with high value are generally more competitive, and keeping the above factors in mind will make it easy to decide on a campaign budget. Once your ads get approved by Google and start appearing in search results, it is time to start measuring their effectiveness.

Measuring The Performance Of Your Google Ads Campaign

The main reason Google Ads are so powerful is that they can be easily tweaked and customised. However, it can be tricky to determine the metrics with many options to adjust and monitor. Here we’ve explained some crucial metrics that are the most important for measuring the performance of your campaign.

1. Average Click-Through Rates

Google explains CTR or click-through rates as the number of clicks your ad gets divided by the number of times it appears in the search results. Different ads, keywords, and listings have their CTRs, and a high CTR means that people find your ads useful. You can use the CTRs to determine which keywords work for your Google Ads campaign.

Ctr Calculation Clicks Impressions

Since the CTR indicates the level of interest of the prospective client or customer, it becomes easy to measure the earnings in light of the expenditure. It generally remains high but may vary by industry, and getting a high CTR depends primarily on the ad quality.

2. Average Cost-Per-Click

The average cost-per-click is the amount you need to spend to get potential customers to click on your ad. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of clicks by the number of clicks and is an excellent measure of the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. However, keep in mind that clicks depend on various factors, such as competition, targeting, and quality score.

To make the best use of CPCs, write compelling ad copies and use low-competition keywords. Additionally, you can set a budget for a specific period when using Google Adwords, allowing you to test the results and make adjustments accordingly. You can also use the average CPC to get industry-specific information, such as the average cost of electricians in Melbourne.

Wordstream Google Ads Cost Click

3. Average Conversion Rate

Conversion rate means the number of conversions divided by the number of visitors. It is an important metric that can tell you how many people opt for the services offered. Not all people who visit the website or click on the ads will become potential customers, but there are several ways to improve conversions.

Average Conversion Rates Google Ads

Firstly, the ad copy, design, and placement need to be created to attract the maximum possible clients. You should also back this up with good quality content on the website. Finally, the website should communicate the brand value to the customers.

4. Average Cost-Per-Action

The CPA or average cost-per-action is calculated by dividing the total cost of conversions by the total number of conversions. The average CPA is based on the actual CPA and is different from the CPC. While the CPC is designed to promote traffic to a website, the CPA includes actions that result in conversions. This metric ultimately determines how successful the marketing campaign will be.

Keep in mind that the profitability of your business is equal to the average customer spending minus the CPA.

Google Cpa Calculation

By understanding and monitoring these metrics, you can identify crucial factors to promote your trade business. Other than these metrics, some other tips and tricks can help any trade business make the most of Google Adwords. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Tips And Tricks

1. Using Negative Keywords

Google is very effective in matching your keywords with other related ones. It will display results for products, services, or advice that may not be connected to your business but may be related to the keywords. This may lead to a loss of resources for your business.

Google Ads Adding Negatives

To avoid that, you can use negative keywords that let you exclude search terms from your campaigns, ensuring focus only on the keywords that matter. Such keywords allow the advertisements to leave out specific keyword terms and phrases, increasing the chances of getting the right traffic.

2. Blocking Competitors’ Names

A highly effective technique is to block competitors’ names by using negative keywords. Search on Google for other traders in your industry and add their names to the list of negative keywords. Another way is to bid on competitors’ brand names, but that requires a more measured and targeted approach rather than just using keywords.

3. Local Appeal

People actively searching for services generally look for providers that are available locally. This is because services available locally are usually faster and more economical. You can use this to your advantage by creating specific Ad Groups for each suburb you wish to advertise. Doing so will also set your advertisements apart from the competition.

4. Proper Monitoring And Tracking

Proper tracking of the different aspects of your Google Ads campaign is essential to know which areas require more focus. It can also help in course correction by allowing you to make timely adjustments in areas that need it. Some of the aspects you should track include phone calls to the business, online forms filled by clients and customers, and online bookings.

5. Selecting The Appropriate Timing

Google Ads provides a tremendous amount of control regarding when your ads are displayed, allowing you to turn them on and off as required. It even allows automating the timing of the ads, as it can be a crucial factor depending on the nature of your trade.

If someone is looking for an electrician to deal with an emergency, the ad timing can lead them to your business. Using keywords like “after hours” or “emergency” can be effective in these cases.

Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Google Ads is a very powerful platform, and here we’ve only discussed the basics of how you can use it for your tradie business effectively. There are tons of online resources that can help you master this platform and make the best use.

It’s always been strongly advised to look at SEO in addition to Google Ads, SEO is a long-term investment, but over time, your lead costs decrease, whereas, with Google Ads, your lead costs typically increase with the cost of clicks. We cover a complete guide on SEO for tradies to guide your trades business.

You can easily customise it according to your requirements if things feel too overwhelming for you. Spending time checking out the platform and learning about its various tools can help your trade and be an enjoyable experience.

Our sitecentre® team and Google Ads specialist are always available to provide assistance with Google Ads for tradies and other online marketing platforms. Our goal is to see small businesses grow through our PPC advertisements, SEO strategies, and custom-designed websites. So, please do not hesitate to contact us!

On that note, it’s time to wrap up. Until next time!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey is the CEO of sitecentre® and a data analyst in the SEO, Paid advertising space that uses machine learning and AI to advance sitecentre® as an industry-leading digital marketing agency across Australia.

Find them on their website: sitecentre®, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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