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Schema mark up and structured data play a key role in your website’s overall performance. Not only are there SEO benefits to help your website rank well, but you can also make your search results stand out from the crowd.

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Enhance Your Website with Schema and Structured Data.

Have you ever been searching on Google and wondered why some search results are full of information and images, while others are just basic text?

Schema and structured data are ways to tag important information on your website, making it easier for search engines to understand. When done well, you’re rewarded with rich search results.

It’s important

Benefits of Schema and Structured Data.

When structured data and schema are used properly, Google rewards you with rich search results, or rich snippets. Not only does it help boost your rankings, but makes your search results look better.

All the key pieces of information are shown right there in the search results, making users more likely to click through to your website.

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Test, Test, Test!

Comprehensive Testing is Essential.

Here at sitecentre, we make structured data and schema testing a priority. It’s the only way to know whether your key information is tagged correctly, and increases the chances of Google rewarding you with rich search results.

We test thoroughly to address all warning and errors, ensuring the best results.

Types of Schema.

There are so many types of schema you can use on your website. Depending on your business, you may use a few types of schema or several. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about schema and structured data? Here are the answers to some common questions.

Schema is a universal method of tagging certain information on your website, making it easier for Google to identify important information and display it to users.
Sort of. Schema is a particular set of tags, and is therefore a form of structured data.
We’ve got the expertise to implement, test and monitor structured data to your site, resulting in rich search results and better visibility in online searches.
We conduct thorough testing to ensure all of your structured data is implemented correctly and free of errors.
You certainly can. There are some basic tools available such as Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. However, for best results, we suggest seeking help from website optimisation experts.
When testing your structured data, you’re presented with ‘warnings’ and ‘errors’. All errors must be fixed or you won’t get rich search results. You can get away with not fixing warnings, however it may diminish your chances of receiving rich results.

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