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Content marketing is crucial to improving SEO, targeting your audience, building brand awareness and helping to generate more leads. Boost your online presence with high-quality content marketing that engages readers.

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Content Is King

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing covers all aspects of using content to market your business and increase SEO. It can include regular blogs optimised for SEO, sponsored articles, social media content and more. A data-driven content marketing strategy also has long-term SEO benefits.

Why do content?

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Using SEO optimised content not only engages readers and helps build your audience but also improves your SEO rankings. Relevant, useful content tells Google you’re an authority on a subject, helping you rank higher for the right kind of searches.

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Optimised for SEO

SEO optimised content ranks higher, and contributes to your website’s overall ranking. When optimised correctly, your content ranks well on search engines and also establishes your website as an authority in your field, giving long-term SEO benefits.

Quality is Important

High-Quality, Relevant Content

Content should be easily readable, and provide useful information to your audience. It’s also great if your content solves a problem for the reader. For example, ‘how-to’ blogs or videos are a useful, relevant and engaging form of content that captures your audience’s attention.

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Target Multiple Platforms

When used correctly, the content you produce can be used across multiple channels to reach a wider audience. For example, a well-written, SEO optimised blog can be shared across multiple social media platforms. It can even be turned into video or images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know something specific about SEO content marketing? Here’s the answers to some frequently asked SEO questions.

Content is a useful tool for improving your website’s SEO. It’s also a way to engage readers and connect with a new audience. Most digital marketing strategies include content for this reason. If for some reason, we don’t think content is right for you, we’ll always say so.
The cost of content marketing varies from business to business. Ultimately, it all depends on how much content you want per month, and also what format your content takes. For example, producing video content is likely to be far more expensive than creating monthly blogs or social media posts.
We’ve got years of expertise in content marketing. We know what works, and how best to maximise the reach of your content. By ensuring all of your content is optimised for SEO, we also focus on the future benefits to your business.
There are lots of ways to tell if your content is having the desired impact. For example, is it being liked or shared on social media? Is new traffic to your website coming from organic searches finding your content? We conduct a thorough analysis and provide detailed reports on all our SEO activities.
You absolutely can. The hardest part is optimising your content for SEO, which is why it’s best to work with a professional marketing team and copywriter. That being said, you can always create content that engages with your audience. Remember, you know what your audience wants to see, hear or read.
Most content marketing strategies are formulated for maximum impact. In that sense, content management is usually a collaborative approach. We usually plan content that’s seasonally and topically relevant, and also aligns with the search keywords you’re trying to rank for.

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