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Keyword research is fundamentally the most important phase of any SEO campaign. We understand break down keyword intent, focus keywords and what to focus on first. Breaking this process down, understanding it and running proper analysis is key to growing organic search.

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Keyword Intent
User Keywords, Not SEO keywords

Optimising for experience, Not For SEO.

Sitecentre’s specialists follow strict structured analysis principles designed to determine the absolute best keywords to target for your SEO campaign.

Determining proper keyword intent is essential to a successful campaign. Whether a keyword is suited to purchase intent or research intent will determine whether a keyword is worthy of targeting. We also analyse volume, competitive nature and localised intent.

Whether you’re a local business or brick and mortar shop running a national or international campaign greatly impacts the type of keywords you may be wanting to rank for. Our team performs the proper competitive analysis to break down our targets for your campaign.

Local Specific Terms

Localised Keywords

If you’re a local business relying on heavy local traffic, you’re going to want to rank well for some specific keywords. We know what they are, and how to rank for them.

Common Google search terms such as ‘near me’ or ‘in my area’ are frequently used to find businesses close by. But often, that’s not enough. You need to rank well for your local area, including surrounding suburbs.

We conduct full research and analysis on local keyword searches to determine what you need to rank for and how we can deliver the best results. Our goal is to drive more local traffic to your business.

Keyword Intent
Keyword Intent
What, Why, How?

Keyword Intent

Sometimes, the simple keyword search times aren’t actually the most effective. That’s why we analyse all options carefully to find keywords with the right intent.

Whether you’re selling products online or advertising professional services, you still need to target the right keywords. That’s where keyword intent comes in. Often, a basic keyword search is more about product research.

That’s why we target keywords used with a high intent to purchase. This increases the quality of your leads, sending more people to your website who are motivated to buy. Attracting the right leads is necessary to increase conversion rates.

What's a value on a keyword?

Why the value matters

In the paid advertising network, all keywords hold a specific value. This helps us determine how worthwhile it is to try and rank well for a keyword.

At sitecentre, we’re all about delivering real value. While other agencies focus on keywords with low competition in order to make their reporting look good, we’re more focussed on actual business growth.

That’s why we target high volume, high competition terms with value. We put the work in to help you rank well, even against strong competition, because in the end this delivers much better and more long-lasting results.

Keyword Intent
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