Comprehensive Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is fundamentally the most important phase of any SEO campaign, understanding and breaking down keyword intent, focus keywords and what to focus on first. Breaking this process down, understanding it and running proper analysis is key to growing organic search.

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Keyword Intent
User Keywords, Not SEO Keywords

Optimising for experience, Not For SEO.

sitecentre’s specialists follow strict structured analysis principles designed to determine the absolute best keywords to target for your SEO campaign.

Determining proper keyword intent is essential to a successful campaign. Whether purchase intent or research intent will determine whether a keyword is worthy of targeting. Following volume, competitive nature and localised intent.

Whether you’re a local business or brick and mortar retail shop or running a national or international campaign greatly impacts the type of keywords you may be wanting to rank for. Our team performs the proper competitive analysis to break down our targets for your campaign.

Local Specific Terms

Localised Keywords

Focus on the difference between local keywords and why they matter (Abc dental Sydney, ABC dental Castle Hill, dentist near me...).
Keyword Intent
Keyword Intent
What, Why, How?

Keyword Intent

What they're looking for, whether purchase intent, research intent and so forth and why it matters to focus on the right terms.
What's a value on a keyword?

Why the value matters

What the keywords value is, what a CPC in the paid network would cost for a particular keyword determines the likihood of it being worthwhile going for as it's clearly profitable. Then ensuring it's got volume. Note that we focus on high volume, competitive terms with high value and not low comptitive terms to make our rank report look high.
Keyword Intent
Deaf Lottery Australia
Fixed Today Plumbing
Endeavour Foundation
Prize Home Tickets
RSL Art Union
Surf Nation
Brosa Furniture
LivingStyles Furniture
MMA Factory

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