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Did you know you can improve SEO and increase search engine rankings by having your business mentioned online? These are known as citations, and when done correctly they provide a valuable boost to your website’s SEO.

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Learn About Citations

What are Citations?

Citations are when your business is mentioned online, particularly in online directories. Certain citations, known as NAP citations include your business name, address and phone number. These are the best kind, and often appear in online directories or local search services.

What are GEO Relevant Citations?

Geographically Relevant.

Citations are extremely important for businesses who rely on local search. Citations help users find your business when they’re looking for something in the area. We seek out the best and most authoritative directories to include your business in.

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Topically Relevant Citations

Topically Relevant

To get value for your SEO efforts, it’s important to include citations that are topically relevant. That means sticking to relevant industry directories and online channels. It’s all about delivering the right type of customers to your business, as this results in better conversion rates.

What is NAP?

NAP (Name, Address, Phone).

The most useful citations include your name, address and phone number. Other unstructured mentions of your business might appear in blogs or articles, but NAP citations provide users with valuable information about your business.

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Google My Business

GMB (Google My Business).

Of course, the biggest directory of all is Google My Business. Ensuring your details are up to date and relevant allows your website to be found more easily in searches. The more information on your GMB profile, the better.

What are Aggregators?

Citation Aggregators.

Citation aggregators feed information to search engines about your online citations. The more citations you have, the more likely you are to be found on popular search tools like Google Maps, Bing Local, Apple/Siri and even Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about citations and directories? The frequently asked questions below are here to help you along the way.

It’s not essential, no. However, citations help improve your SEO and give users more opportunity to find you. Citations are even more important for local businesses.

Citations are free, unless you come across directories that charge you to be part of them. This is rare, so your only expense should be from your digital marketing team who find the best citations for your business.

We consult heavily to understand your business. That’s how we know where to look for the most relevant and useful citations we can acquire for your business.

Tracking the traffic to your website is one way to find out if citations are working. For example, if traffic is coming from Google Maps searches, it’s likely your citations are doing their job.

You can definitely do citations yourself. We can even show you how. The trick is in knowing which online directories are most beneficial to be included in.

Absolutely. Citations are a key part of SEO, and especially important for local business SEO. By appearing in more relevant directories and being mentioned online more often, Google recognises your business as relevant to certain searches and ranks you accordingly.

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