Tools to Optimise Your Email Campaigns

Emails continue to remain one of the top methods in digital marketing to reach your audience. From existing customers to new leads, people love checking emails consistently, so using tools to optimise your campaigns is a smart move.

Brodey Sheppard

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Statistics show that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods. McKinsey and Company report that it is 40 times more effective than social media. Emails are useful for creating personalised campaigns, and organisations use them to increase brand recognition and online traffic.

Many marketers fail to achieve results in email marketing due to wrong choices. They fail to segment contacts properly or use data correctly.

Tools Optimise Email Campaign

Email marketing tools help organisations create smooth marketing workflows. They help marketers reach a wider market and automate most activities. Some tools help with email list management and creating engaging messages. Marketers use them to test effectiveness, create reports, and optimise campaigns.

Good email marketing software should help improve deliverability, build emails, and save costs.

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What can email marketing tools do?

Email marketing software helps companies become more productive in email marketing. It makes the work easier by helping teams create and manage campaigns. Through its features, organisations build cohesive relationships with their customers.

Brands must consider important factors when deciding on an email marketing tool.

They need to decide the type or goals of their email campaigns. Some brands could aim to use emails to generate leads. Some might target increasing sales, while others aim to build email lists. Some tools may have features that help brands achieve specific goals better.

Email Optimisation Infographic

Installing third-party tools on your computer can help you achieve more productivity. However, the tools may create a lot of cache and other unwanted files. Eventually, these files take up much space, and the computer may slow down.

The better way to manage your computer speed is to remove the cache on macbook often. You must delete unwanted files the right way. It ensures you don’t leave clutter, which can still cause speed problems. You may use an app to help you identify and clean all cache files.

Choosing tools with multiple features can also help companies achieve multiple goals. Marketers must check tool reviews.

This is one way to determine the tool’s offerings and effectiveness. Visit the developer’s website to read the information published there. Email marketing tools do the following and more.

Automate sending workflow

Dispatching emails manually is good, but it takes a lot of time. This limits the amount of time marketers take to send one email and be in constant communication with audiences.

Marketers insert one email address at a time, increasing the probability of errors. Sometimes, marketers may forget to send specific emails at a specific time. They could miss opportunities to make sales if they miss sending.

Email marketing tools eliminate all that and make sending workflows smoother. They automatically send marketing messages using AI algorithms.

They may send based on time, customer activity, events, and queries. Through automation, marketers are sure to achieve enhanced communication and results.

Alert customers about new services or products

Email marketing software offers one of the most direct forms of marketing. Organisations use the tools to promote their range of products or services. Marketers send their audiences emails to announce the launching of a new product and educate audiences about the new services or products.

The messages may announce exclusive offers and discounts for the new release. Marketers may use the platforms to attract pre-launch orders. They may use them to woo audiences to subscribe for alerts and the upcoming new service.

This approach not only increases sales but also increases lead generation. New product or service alerts can be sent through newsletters or product descriptions. Marketers may send short surveys or invitations to test the products.

Optimising Email Campaigns Ab Testing

Spread awareness

Email marketing tools can be programmed to generate and send campaign messages regularly. They may send messages based on customer browsing and product search behaviour. The messages not only inform about product options but also spread awareness.

Online audiences get to know about the company. They offer a lasting option for building better customer relationships and engagement. Organisations should seek to spread awareness to the widest levels possible. Wider awareness offers benefits to organisations.

  • Increases probability for audiences to convert to customers.
  • Increases chances for getting face-to-face and online referrals.
  • Builds healthy economic relationships, which reduces customer acquisition costs.
  • Increases the lifetime value of customers.
  • Boosts the pricing power for brands and increases sales.
  • Improves the quality and value perception of products by customers.
  • Influences customer shopping behaviour and making purchase decisions.
  • Builds a stronger level of engagement, which could translate into more purchases.

Increases customer loyalty

Email campaign software allows marketers to generate large numbers of leads. The teams use the same tools to guide the leads to the conversion point.

Organisations customise the platforms to help with follow-ups and engagements and to ensure they keep customer conversions active.

The tools are important for collecting feedback and making product suggestions. Organisations continually improve their campaign outcomes due to reports generated by the tools. In the long run, they help build lasting customer relationships. The company benefits through achieving loyal customers.

Building loyalty has its share of benefits to companies. The strategy is useful for increasing customer retention rates.

Research shows that loyal customers are likely to spend more on the company and eventually become brand ambassadors. Due to customer loyalty, businesses grow in revenue and minimise the costs of acquiring new customers.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Best email marketing tools

The best email marketing campaigns should bring higher returns to businesses. The campaign messages should have irresistible subject lines and compelling stories. They should be relevant and goal-oriented. Marketers must send them at the right time and ensure they are mobile-optimised.

The best email marketing tools should help marketers achieve these and more.

When choosing tools for email marketing, there are specific features managers should look out for. The platforms should help with managing email lists. They should allow the automated launching of campaigns and data collection. Marketers need to choose platforms that help with the segmentation of campaigns.

The tools need to offer personalisation features and a higher deliverability rate.

They should do more, such as send purchasing triggers and reminders and offer direction.

A simple search online will reveal hundreds of email marketing tools. Many of them are free, while others require a paid subscription. They can all help manage or create personalised and optimised messages. Here are the top tools you may choose for your brand’s email campaigns.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a good choice for any business that wants to scale their email campaigns.

It offers a wide range of automation and top-notch marketing technology. The developer focused more on data generation to offer data-based campaign planning.

The tool launches campaigns across different platforms automatically. Its data tools help marketing teams collect and analyse data, generating useful insights that help them scale their next campaigns.

Mailchimp’s best features include the following.

  • The tool can be integrated with many eCommerce platforms.
  • Helps marketing teams segment audiences based on predetermined characteristics.
  • Provides more than 100 templates for creating personalised campaign messages.
  • Brands can use it to create reports that show campaign successes and drawbacks.
  • Allows users to create automated campaigns.
  • Has survey templates to help marketers collect information and feedback from audiences.
  • Offers a variety of tools that help teams manage email campaigns effectively.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse allows organisations to organise better campaigns for the best results. It is a good option for businesses seeking to grow their email list.

The tool is best used for capturing quality leads. Marketing teams use it to nurture the leads through the funnel.

The platform makes the customer journey easier by maintaining consistent communication.

It offers marketers a transparent view of the funnel to help them better understand the customer journey. The platform is good for both new and established organisations. Startups can use it to create and send simple marketing messages, while established organisations can use it to send high volumes of messages.

The best features GetResponse offers users include the following.

  • A timing tool ensures emails are sent at the right time and to the right people.
  • High volume email sending capability of up to 2 million messages per hour. Achieves up to 99% deliverability.
  • Offers an automated email generator for creating more emails within a shorter time.
  • Uses AI to generate campaigns for better results.
  • Allows communication across different channels to increase engagement.
  • Offers hundreds of prebuilt templates for customised messages.
  • Automatically responds to customer queries and generates reports.

Email Marketing Checklist Success

3. Omnisend

Omnisend offers a good option for organisations seeking to establish a successful eCommerce channel.

Developers designed it for both email and SMS marketing campaigns. Brands can choose the platform to build an engaged audience. It offers customisable campaigns with diverse approaches.

The platform can be used to create attractive newsletters and result-oriented email messages. Here are the best features that Omnisend offers marketers.

  • Allows integration of different channels to offer more personalised messages.
  • Developed for both email and SMS campaigns across different eCommerce platforms.
  • Uses calendaring features to allow highly effective campaign management.
  • Allows testing of software to help marketers determine how effective it can be.
  • Offers complex automation features that allow a wide range of automatic triggers.
  • Allows marketers to segment audiences and generate analytics for insights.

4. Sanka

Sanka is best for brands seeking to have a CRM that doubles as an email campaign platform. It was developed as a CRM tool for eCommerce and also acts as marketing software. The tool helps teams streamline their marketing workflows. Organisations use it to create automated campaigns across different channels.

Marketers use it to create lead-generation messages and build email campaign lists. The platform is also useful for data generation, helping teams create targeted campaigns.

Sanka offers marketers a wide range of features.

  • Allows task and project management to ensure email campaign success. These features allow different customisations and centralised task views.
  • The platform can be integrated with more than 100 applications and service platforms, allowing it to be used by a wide range of business types.
  • It offers a long list of automation tools to allow smooth workflows during campaigns.
  • Marketers use it to send timed emails and product recommendations. It studies audience behaviour to determine when and what messages to send.
  • The platform features a campaign scale app. Its goal is to let brands scale their campaigns to the highest level.

Ab Testing Practices Email Campaigns

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is best for companies seeking to use a free email campaign tool that can be scaled.

The platform is popular for sending build campaigns and providing a broad range of features. Marketers can create campaigns and drag and drop them on the platform for editing. It offers one of the largest number of templates for creating personalised campaigns.

The best features offered by HubSpot include the following:

  • Allows automated email generation and sending.
  • Offers workflow tool for the best workflow management
  • Generates analytics to offer a view of successes.
  • Teams can integrate it with social media and other channels.
  • Offer dashboards that allow a wide range of customisations.
  • Allows email lists and campaign segmentation.

6. Brevo

Brevo is useful for organisations seeking to grow their brand and revenue through email campaigns.

The platform allows companies to send marketing and transactional emails. It acts as a CRM platform for managing relationships and contacts. The platform is popular for offering a high deliverability rate.

Many marketers prefer it due to its advanced features. Users love its excellent functionality and campaign capabilities. Here are some of Brevo’s best features.

  • Offers a large library of templates that make it easy for marketers to create email messages.
  • It is good for generating leads through different signup forms.
  • Allows mobile optimisation to make email campaigns successful and better.
  • Generates data for analytics to offer marketing insights.
  • Provides automated campaigns and message generation.

Email Roi Customer Journey Infographic

7. ConvertKit

For creators looking for a robust email marketing framework, ConvertKit is a good option. The platform is made to assist brands in using email advertising to increase audience size and revenue. Its creators intended for it to enable brands to produce compelling messaging.

Teams can send unlimited emails using this platform. The tool also helps businesses launch campaigns more easily by hosting landing pages. These are the top features that ConvertKit offers.

  • Provides an abundance of templates to enable enterprises to generate a limitless number of emails.
  • Host websites for enterprises to enable them to initiate campaigns and build lists more quickly.
  • Makes contact broadcasting and classification possible.
  • Provides sophisticated email services, such as web page testing.
  • It makes it possible to create automated publications and emails.

8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is useful for marketers seeking a digital email campaign platform with a higher conversion rate. Its developers created it to offer more lead capture and conversion. Brands that use it record higher open rates and clicks. It has features that improve engagement rate and scaling flexibility.

The platform has been in use for more years and offers the following best features.

  • Offers email list and campaign management.
  • Allows the creation of dynamic sign-up forms for lead generation.
  • Provides analytics tools to measure campaign successes.
  • Allows automation of sending, creating, and responding to emails.
  • Offers editing tools and a high deliverability guarantee.

Mastering Email Marketing Infographic

9. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is suitable for marketers seeking a platform with a detailed email campaign suite. The platform offers a combination of apps for the best brand marketing experiences, including CRM, email campaigns, automation, and engagement platforms.

All these platforms are built with advanced features to allow the highest returns. The tool generates data to allow marketers to know customers’ specific needs. The best features of ActiveCampaign include the following.

  • Offers email and social media lead-generation ads.
  • Provides some of the best automation features for guiding leads, marketing, and follow-ups.
  • It allows integrations with many platforms, including payment processing websites.
  • It has a feature for tracing bounced emails.
  • Allows users to create email landing pages with ease.

10. MailerLite

MailerLite is a wonderful option for businesses looking for an easy-to-use platform. Its capabilities make email campaigns simple and effective. It also provides website building and marketing tools. Teams can save time using its drag-and-drop tools.

The platform provides great email campaign options for new enterprises and an intuitive platform for those new to email promotion and marketing. These are a few of its greatest attributes.

  • Offers drag-and-drop capabilities for rapidly creating emails.
  • Provides optimal delivery capabilities.
  • Supports many different integrations for improved outcomes.
  • Offers a large variety of process automation.
  • Has an email verifier to ensure messages only go to valid email addresses.
  • It offers testing capabilities for subject lines and marketing content. This ensures that the content is valid, resonating, and timely.

Optimise Your Email Campaigns for Maximum Impact

Email marketing platforms allow companies to achieve higher outcomes in their campaigns. They allow marketers to customise messages using a wide range of templates. The platforms use AI to allow automation and provide higher deliverability rates. Marketing teams should choose platforms that offer multiple features. This helps them save on costs for acquiring more tools to boost their email campaign tasks and workflows.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey is the CEO of sitecentre®, leading his distinguished Australian digital marketing agency using data analytics and Artificial Intelligence in SEO and Paid Advertising. His adept use of machine learning and AI has gained industry-wide recognition, Brodey has received several industry awards for SEO, Web Design and business, including the Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur 2023 award. With 15 years under his belt, Brodey is amongst Australia’s most influential digital marketers.

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