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No Cost, No Hidden Fees, If you privide value to our website, posting is absolutely free.

Writing for the sitecentre® blog is easy; however, we have a couple of requirements for your submission to be accepted. We are not a PBN or blogging platform; we are a genuine business offering an opportunity to contribute value to our readership.

We’re looking for content that genuinely provides value to our audience, focusing on digital marketing, branding, web design, SEO, and paid advertising.

Your article must not be promotional, and it needs to be well structured, well written and researched. The article must also not be posted anywhere else.

You must also comply with the following:

  • The required word count is between 2,500 and 4,000 words.
  • Internal links to our content as well as external links to relative sources.
  • One image or graphic per 500 words with image credits.
  • Proper English is required; it will not be considered if the article is low-quality or poorly written, or researched.

Please also note the following:

  • If your content is AI-generated or assisted, it’ll be rejected, typically lacking research, citing resources and poorly structured sentences and paragraph flow.
  • Our editors will audit the article; please notify us if you require anything to be left, as links and content may be swapped out for better resources.
  • US English will be converted to AU English.
  • We use advanced tracking technologies, if low-quality tier 2 links are detected, the article will automatically be disabled and turned off, and those links will automatically be disavowed. This applies to tier 2 links, bookmarks and weird social signals.
  • The article can be published with your name, business and a bio; however, we require at least 4 article submissions; otherwise, it’ll be published under one of our authors.
  • If you’re an Australian digital marketing agency or offer the same services as we do, please don’t apply.
  • If you have received a Google penalty, or your organic traffic has had a significant drop in the past two years, likely, we won’t link to you.
  • The only reason your link would be removed from our website is if the page becomes a 40* or a 50* error for longer than 30 days or a 301 to an alternate domain.

Our guidelines seem strict; however, those who put the effort to provide value will be rewarded knowing that content published here is high-quality, and there is no way to bypass our strict guidelines. Your work will be protected on a quality blog that only links to authoritative websites.

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