We are excited to offer LiteSpeed preinstalled on all of the sites we host on cPanel. It’s one of the most popular solutions for accelerating the speed of your website.

This incredibly fast server brings you everything you love about Apache but faster!

This technology can massively boost the performance of your site, ensuring that you offer great user experience to your website visitors.

Get your users coming back for more when they experience fantastic loading speed and a wonderful experience on your website.

Use LiteSpeed to build your business and improve your services.

What Is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed is a web server which is a fantastic choice for your website. That’s because it uses less resources and is much faster than many of its alternatives.

If you have a busy website and want to retain optimal speed even with many users, you should be using LiteSpeed.

LiteSpeed has fantastic scalability so it can continue to support your site and grow with it as your business expands.

It’s used by numerous administrators and ranks as the 4th most popular web server according to W3Techs (World Wide Web Technology Surveys).

Why We Use LiteSpeed

There are plenty of reasons why we’ve chosen LiteSpeed as our server of choice on cPanel. It’s fast, secure, and highly effective.

Check out all the reasons we love LiteSpeed:


LiteSpeed is much more effective than any other web server you will come across. It uses less CPU and loads content much faster than other servers.

This will save you money in the long run on hosting for your popular website.


LiteSpeed is event-driven. What this means is that can deal with many requests with less process and do it faster. LiteSpeed’s technology can handle plenty of requests at one time without any issues with execution.

LiteSpeed uses less RAM than apache, has a lower response time, and produces less load on the server. This can save your hosting plan resources.


LiteSpeed loads static content much faster than any other web server. Studies have shown that it is up to 67% quicker than Nginx and 5 times as fast as Apache in loading static content

PHP Processing

Most websites run on PHP scripts these days. If your server executes PHP fast, this will make your website load quickly.

Need PHP scripts processed fast?

LiteSpeed is the quickest web server for this. LiteSpeed has been found to be 40x more effective at processing PHP code.

Time To First Byte

The time to first byte is a metric that’s not looked at very often. However, it can dramatically improve the user experience.

The measurement is of the time the browser takes to get the first response byte from a server when going to a website. The faster the better for your ranking on search engines and for your customers.

LiteSpeed has a fantastic server response time so that your website SEO can be improved.

Get higher up on search engines and have happier customers too.

Apache Compatible

Many sites are created using Apache as the server. That’s why LiteSpeed was designed to be compatible with Apache, to make transferring over incredibly easy.

Just install LiteSpeed and configure to Apache.

Then your site can easily move from Apache to LiteSpeed while still working just the same with no changes to the code. 

Fantastic Security

The free servers Nginx and Apache are great - for free servers. However, LiteSpeed is far superior as it was designed as commercial software, so the developers have ensured that it offers premium security.

It comes with DDoS protection and can support mod_secruity to stop web attacks in their tracks.

IPs which connect too much or require too much bandwidth get blocked. This stops any attacks before they can overwhelm the server.

This is done through bandwidth throttling and per-IP connection and request. As it’s highly scalable, it can even protect you against distributed attacks.


LiteSpeed allows you to serve many clients at a time on the server without the risk of overloading CPU or memory.

This makes your website more stable as it’s unlikely to crash due to having too many users on it at one time.

There’s no need for expensive additional software to make your site function better - it’ll work perfectly every time even if you have hundreds of users at once.

What We Offer

The main disadvantage people find they have with LiteSpeed is the cost.

As mentioned, Apache and Nginx are free. However, we offer LiteSpeed included in the cost of our hosting packages. This makes it much more affordable for you to access. 

If you’re interested in getting a faster website that is reliable and secure, contact us now to discuss your options.

We can host your website and include LiteSpeed as part of the deal so you can focus on what’s important - building your company.

It’s the little things that set us apart.

See why our customers use us, and continue to use us for their internet marketing, hosting and business growth.

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