Having a firewall is critical for the protection of your website. Every network should have one, which is why all of our hosting packages include a firewall as part of the deal.

What Is A Firewall?

Firewalls offer you network security. They are there protecting your website to act as a guard against data loss, malicious traffic, and unauthorised access.

While firewalls used to be a virtual wall around your network, these days it’s important to have them at the core as well.

Even with the firewall around the perimeter, sometimes attacks can still sneak in. So, that’s why we provide a firewall with a second line of defence.

Why Would Anyone Try To Hack My Site?

You may be wondering why on earth anyone would try to hack your site - surely you’re not a prime target for an attack with users in the thousands, not millions! However, most hackers aren’t trying to attack the larger sites for payment and personal data, contrary to popular belief.

Instead, many hackers try to hack into smaller servers to spam your customers with emails. They might add code onto your website that can affect the speed and performance of the site.

Here’s what may happen if you don’t have a firewall and your website gets hacked:

  • Loss and destruction of data
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Information leaks
  • Blacklisted email or site
  • Search ranking drop
  • Loss of revenue 

Those are some serious consequences that are all easily avoidable by having a firewall. It’s just not worth the risk to leave your site and server unprotected.

Fortinet Hardware Firewall

The firewall software we’ve chosen to offer with all of our web hosting packages is Fortinet Hardware Firewall.

That’s because they offer next-generation firewalls to keep your website safe from threats. They have deep capabilities for inspection to identify threats, attacks, and malware. 

This firewall monitors all traffic on the network going to the server.

It performs intrusion prevention scanning (IPS). This scan is searching for any malicious attacks or traffic that are trying to come into the network and your server. Certain IPs can be blocked before they even get to the server.

As threats change and evolve in type, medium, and level, you need more than a traditional firewall.

That’s exactly why we offer the Fortinet Hardware Firewall for your site. This firewall is fantastic for any type of IT architecture to easily manage your security risks.

Fortinet firewalls are driven by artificial intelligence to detect threats and offer protection. They inspect both encrypted traffic and text to determine whether incoming traffic is a threat or not.


  • VPN support
  • IP mapping
  • Network support
  • Packet filtering 
  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Secure sockets layer inspection


  • Visibility - the SSL inspection removes blind spots so that encrypted information is still analysed
  • Protection - the automated threat protection offered in these firewalls is one of the best in the industry
  • Information - threat information is shared across the attack surface for full and fast protection
  • Effectiveness - get effective protection through continuous threat updates that are independently certified

Get in touch with us today to discuss our hosting options that all come with a firewall to keep your website safe and secure from potential threats.

It’s the little things that set us apart.

See why our customers use us, and continue to use us for their internet marketing, hosting and business growth.

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