Addon Domains

sitecentre provides all of our loyal customers with unlimited addon domains with any hosting package! Get as many domains as you need at no extra cost.

What Is An Addon Domain?

An addon domain is an additional domain name that users can enter to access your main website.

These domains most often redirect back to the original one so that you still get all of your traffic to your primary domain name.

Addon domains are added through the cPanel and you can have email addresses for these, just like you do with your primary domain.

The difference when you create an addon domain name is that it shares the control panel and files with your primary domain.

sitecentre lets you create unlimited addon domains so you can create as many as you like.

What Are Addon Domains Used For?

So, why should you consider getting an addon domain name? There are two main reasons that people choose to get multiple domains...

Multiple Names For One Website

Many people choose to use a new domain name because it's similar to the original domain and users often type it in wrong.

This is great because in this scenario, the user may have typed the wrong URL but they will still get directed to the site they were looking for.

Create Many Websites On One Hosting Account

The other common thing that people do is create different websites on one hosting account. This saves you money as you're only paying for one hosting subscription but you get multiple sites.

This is often used when a site owner has multiple sites that may not get a lot of traffic per site so they don't require a web hosting service each.

How It Works

Site Visitors

For site visitors, there is no difference between an addon domain and the primary domain.

The new domain simply redirects to the original if that's what you want to happen, and most visitors won't even notice this.

How It's Created

When an addon domain name is created, here's what happens:

  • a new folder appears under the directory public_html
  • the primary domain has a subdomain created under it which is attached to the new folder
  • new domain name gets associated with the subdomain

That's what automatically happens when an account gets a new addon domain name assigned to it. You don't need to do anything except add your content to the new addon domain.

Contact sitecentre today to discuss how we can help you host your site as well as get extra addon domains.

Using an extra domain name or two can save you plenty of money while getting all the benefits of extra URLs.

Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation with one of our resident hosting experts.

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