Australian Small Business Champion Awards - Finalist

It comes with no greater pleasure to announce, sitecentre was selected as a finalist in 2 categories in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2021.

Being selected as a finalist against roughly 3,000 entries is a huge achievement, being selected as a finalist for two awards is an acknowledgement for the hard work and dedication I, and the team have worked for.

The two categories are:

  • Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur - sitecentre - Brodey Sheppard
  • Marketing Services - sitecentre

Words cannot describe how grateful and appreciative I am to be a part of such a prestigious award, together with my team, we will be flying to Sydney to attend the awards ceremony and celebrate the achievement together.

We are a small team, against some almighty competition, some of the biggest marketing and advertising agencies in Australia, winning would be an accomplishment like no other.

In the Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur (30yrs and under) category, I am up against some big names across a variety of categories. Names I’ll no doubt hear against throughout my journey in business. Young business owners who have stepped up and started their business and no doubt, with a purpose just like mine.

Business Champions Finalist

I had a vision, a manifestation if you will, to fix a broken unregulated and borderline fraudulent industry and provide world-class marketing services to businesses throughout Australia.

To date, I’ve made enormous progress, we still have lots to do.

To bring awareness and education to business owners, to provide them with the tools and knowledge required to succeed in business irrespective of their industry. Additionally, bring in regulations and accreditations similar to other business services such as accounting and financial advising.

I am thankful, not to be alone in my mission. I am backed by my hard-working and supportive team who are just as ambitious and focused as I am to bring forward a better future for businesses.

Our past and future efforts are why I believe we were fortunate enough to be selected as finalists. In addition, we are not the average marketing agency, we are so much more!

sitecentre has invested tens of thousands into software, data analysis and machine-learning technologies to further the success of our clients and their businesses.

We have also invested in building out the largest and most in-depth knowledge base, training toolkit for businesses of all shapes and sizes to gain invaluable information about marketing and growing their businesses.

I’ve built this not to sell it, but to give it away for free.

My passion is helping, seeing people succeed and grow. Where I can, resources, tools and software will be offered at no cost.

It’s one of the many ways I give back and contribute back to the community for the continued support I’ve had since starting sitecentre.

I’d like to say a special thanks to everyone who has supported us, our clients, our team and businesses that work with us. This has only been possible thanks to your continued support.

Whilst my business and name are on the finalist list, it’s you who should be appreciated as your stories and support are what guided us in the right direction of change and innovation.

Wish us luck on July the 31st October 30th (Date changed due to outbreak), without doubt, I’ll let everyone know how we went.

Warmest Regards,
Owner/Director - Brodey Sheppard

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Australian Small Business Champions Finalist